Abu Dhabi City Tours and much more – Explore the dazzle of the Middle East

Ski Dubai Snowpark

Snow Park is housed within Middle East’s first indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai. It is an awe-inspiring 3,000 square meter wonderland wherein one can go on a snowy spree. It is the world’s largest indoor snow park. It is ideal for the whole family. Strap your snow boots on and experience the Twin Track Bobsled runs, a Snow Cavern filled with interactive experiences, and Tobogganing hills. The upgrade station offers an enlivening ride on the Giant Ball. Moreover, one can also hop on the chairlift that will provide an outwardly bird’s eye view of the entire park. Above all the is the March of the Penguins that takes place number of times a day and is free for all Snow Park guests. With Snow park tour Dubai you can engage yourself and your family in an action-packed thrilling adventure at 30ºF (-1ºC) temperature.

Abu Dhabi¬ – A Melting pot
Abi Dhabi is a great place where one can soak in both worlds of Emirati heritage and the fast-paced modern world. One can take a stroll around the dhow harbor, experience the busy markets, sample the various flavors of shisha café and of course an Abu Dhabi city tour cannot be complete without appreciating the Abu Dhabi skyline from Saadiyat Beach and a stroll on the Corniche.

At Abu Dhabi’s Fish Market and Dhow Harbor at Al Mina Port, traditional wooden boats are docked. Local fishermen could be found mending their fishnets in the morning or enjoying their free time within small gatherings, playing cards. From Mina port, a short ride to the Corniche Beach could be taken for a refreshing dip in the sapphire blue gulf. Thereafter, one can continue along the Corniche as well as and along the Marina Breakwater to take a quick walk around along the blossoming gardens featured with waterfalls of the Heritage Village. Here an older era of Abu Dhabi could be witnessed. One can visit traditional souq, and see Bedouin encampments. Further, one of the most important landmarks of Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Should you want to travel forward in time and reacclimatize yourself with the fast-paced life, Ferrari World, world’s fastest rollercoaster could be visited. It is the largest indoor theme park, based on the theme of Ferrari. It is also home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster. The Formula Rossa ride reaches speeds of 240km/h in less than five seconds and recreates the Formula 1 cockpit experience in the best possible manner. It is the ride for adrenaline junkies who get high on speed thrills. It is important that takes precaution when it comes to having food.

Dubai – Encapsulating the bits and pieces of every culture

Dubai is a city which shared peacefully by every culture around the world. The gastronomic endeavors, fashion, music all are a reflection of the aforesaid. Even though it is rooted in Islamic tradition it is an open society where newcomers are welcomed to sample various experiences. Dubai tours one of the best ways to explore both the old and new aspects of Dubai. A drive around the city would allow you to cover most of the key areas.

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