Accentuate Your Body with the Best Climbing Wear

Female climbers usually go for loose fitting tops because we have broader than average back, chest and shoulders. Stretchy and flowy styles work better for us because they don’t hold us back or feel restrictive. You don’t want to be in the middle of a climb and suddenly think, “this shirt’s gonna rip at the seams”! Clothes that will work well for climbing should be durable and well-made so seams don’t start to rip under excess pressure. Bras and tops that have a “V” shape to them will be more comfortable. With a wider top band than lower band, the “V” shape ensures there’s enough room for lats and pectoral muscles while moving around on a route. Since climbing is an all-over cardio workout, it’s nice to feel like a top gives us enough room to breathe. Muscles work a whole lot better with oxygen supply. Above all else, climbing clothes should be comfortable to move in all day long.

The clothing we used to wear before climbing became a passion probably doesn’t fit right anymore because back, chest and arm muscles have grown while boob size hasn’t or has even decreased, it’s tough to find a climbing tank top that fits comfortably. Sizing up to get the right chest/back size often means the rest is too baggy and looks sloppy.

HoldBreaker is regarded as a well-known online platform, which offers ultra-stylish and comfy climbing wear for both men and women. This credible platform is founded by a female climber and her personal experiences made her determined to provide climbing clothing that allows every female climber to climb in comfort, irrespective of the climbing grade. The HoldBreaker X climbing tank top has a V-shape and is made from high-quality Italian material that offers a smooth and soft feel along with great comfort. The tank tops are extremely durable and you don’t need to worry about them losing the shape after a couple of washes. It’s gorgeous shoulder straps, V-shaped designed along with a double durable fabric layer make this tank top a must-have essential for climbing.

So, if you are keen on purchasing rock climbing tank tops made for a climber’s physique, visit the online store of HoldBreaker and place your order now. Apart from climb wear, you can also buy excellent climbing gear such as ropes, shoes, crash pads, chalk bags and more from this platform. Hurry! Visit HoldBreaker and get the best climb wear for a perfect ascent!

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