Acetonitrile Solvent Manufacturers in Gujarat – What You Need to Know


Acetonitrile solvent, also known as C₂H₃N, has many uses in the fields of research and manufacturing, both domestically and abroad. Depending on the application, acetonitrile solvent can be used as an extraction agent, catalyst or catalyst deactivator. When working with or around acetonitrile solvent, it’s important to understand its properties and the hazards associated with its use to ensure safety. Also, to get the original and pure acetonitrile solvent, it is essential to contact one of the leading acetonitrile solvent manufacturers in Gujarat.

Acetonitrile Solvent from the Leading Suppliers

The acetonitrile solvent from one of the leading acetonitrile solvent suppliers like DAYARAM CHEMICALS PVT LTD is an organic compound with the structural formula C₂H₃N. This Acetonitrile is used primarily as a solvent for gaseous and volatile compounds, most notably acrylonitrile, but also for acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and toluene. It has an odour somewhat like that of acetic acid, and a faintly sweet taste.

Uses of Acetonitrile Solvent

Acetonitrile is a colourless volatile liquid, miscible with water and most organic solvents. Due to its toxicity, volatility and reactivity, it is used as a denaturant of alcohol for the extraction of phenols from chloroformate esters and for analytical determinations of metals. It can be obtained by distillation from ammonia and formaldehyde or by dehydration of acrylonitrile.

Aconitrile solvent is used as an intermediate to make dyes, pharmaceuticals, and rubber chemicals such as nitrile rubber and acrylonitrile rubber; it is also used as an intermediate in making acrylamide monomer and vinyl acetate monomer.

Importing Acetonitrile Solvents By Solvent Manufacturers in Gujarat

Acetonitrile is a colourless volatile liquid with a sweetish odour and belongs to the ketone class of organic compounds. Its chemical formula is CH3CN. Acetonitrile solvent has a high boiling point which makes it highly flammable and explosive in nature. The freezing point of acetonitrile solvent is 18 degrees C, while its auto-ignition temperature (the minimum temperature at which explosion will occur) is 382 degrees C. Due to its nature, it is compulsory for importers of acetonitrile solvents to obtain permission before importing solvents Gujarat shipments. The acetonitrile solvent suppliers will take care of importing acetonitrile solvent. All you have to do is, choose the right acetonitrile solvent suppliers.

The Bottom Line

Acetonitrile is a solvent with a variety of applications, from laboratory research and production to industrial processes. It’s a common solvent in a range of industries, including agrochemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals and plastics. If you are looking to buy acetonitrile solvent, the key is getting it from one of the top-rated acetonitrile solvent suppliers like DAYARAM CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. Remember, finding the good sources for your specific needs on acetonitrile solvent not only save your hard earned money, but also you will get quality products.

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