Achieve New Heights with The Samsung Gear S3

Samsung has been a popular company for quite some time now. It is well-established in the smartphone circuit and has now ventured into other technology where it aims to impress. Samsung is known for providing quality products at very pocket-friendly prices thus being very appealing to a majority of its customer base.

With the Gear S3, Samsung aims to bring to its customers a ‘smart’ smartwatch and not just a fitness tracker. In today’s fast pace world what people want is something that can be useful to them inside and outside the gym, and the Samsung Gear S3 is the perfect device. Its design, technology, and functions all make for a very rewarding experience for the person who is going to use it. The nature of the product increases the advantage of buying it by two as it can also be used for the purpose of gifting, either for the gym freak in your family and friends circle or just as a casual and useful gift.

The Samsung Gear S3 seamlessly integrates with your smartphone and consists of a rotating mechanism that can be used to switch between apps easily. It also consists of a home and back button to make the primary functions of those easier to manage. All in all, it has a very premium feel due to its full metal body and circular dial.

The defining feature of the Samsung Gear S3 remains to eliminate or reduce the need to pick up our smartphones. For this very reason, Samsung has integrated features that make it easy to reply to texts and WhatsApp messages from the watch itself.

It also aptly performs the functions of a fitness watch such as tracking steps, calorie count, distance travelled, etc. you can also use the Gear S3 to answer calls which make the whole experience integrated for the user.

Buy Samsung Gear S3 Straps Online

One of the main advantages of the Samsung Gear S3 is its ability to look smart and chic inside and outside the gym. It matches perfectly with formal attire as well as casual clothes. The main component that lends to this is the strap. Several online portals now offer you the choice to pick a strap of your liking. Whether you want to replace an old strap or opt for a totally different one with a new style, online shopping is the solution to your problem.

The range of Samsung Gear S3 silicone straps is the most popular. It is available in several colours and offers a variety of advantages such as dust and sweat resistance, snug fit and a sporty look. It is easily mouldable and feels flexible in your hand. It also doesn’t get dirty easily and provides a smart look on your wrist.

These straps are also available in metallic and soft leather variants. The metallic version provides a very formal look and can be used in the office or workplace setting. They are also a hard casing and hence are resistant to tears and have a long life. The leather Samsung Gear S3 straps have the ability to provide a very regal look to your wrist. They also don’t spoil easy ad offer dust and pollution protection.

You can now make an informed decision based on all these factors and buy the perfect Samsung Gear S3 strap.

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