Acoholism and substance abuse- How it can affect your sexual life?

Alcoholism And Sexual Life


Having one or two pegs of alcohol indeed makes up your mood and boosts up your energy and confidence level. But what if you booze in excess? It is found that alcohol affects the sexual ability and can hinder your sex life. Regular intake of alcohol may lead to sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction which can, however, be cured with Kamagra.


Following are the ways by which alcoholism can affect your sexual life:


Erectile Dysfunction


Researchers had established a connection between erectile dysfunction and alcohol. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve or sustain firm and prolonged erections, necessary for a satisfying sex drive. Erectile dysfunction is one of the common sexual dysfunction, affecting most men. Alcohol may lead to erectile dysfunction in the following ways:


1)Being an antidepressant, alcohol has an impact on your central nervous system. Excessive consumption of alcohol restricts your brain’s functioning by sending nerve signals to the penis’s smooth muscles to get relaxed. This malfunctioning of your brain hinders your penile smooth muscles from getting relaxed.


This further restricts the flow of blood to the penis thus resulting in failed erections leading to erectile dysfunction. You can get your ED treated with Kamagra. Kamagra is a PDE5 inhibitor that helps in getting erections by relaxing the penile muscles and boosting the blood flow to the penis.


2) Alcohol being a diuretic makes people urinate more frequently than usual. This may result in dehydration which in turn can decrease the blood amount in the body. This decreased blood volume in the body may interrupt the blood supply to the penis leading to erectile dysfunction. Kamagra is a commonly prescribed pill that boosts the blood flow to the penis and aids in an erection.


3)Also, dehydration because of alcohol results in an increased level of angiotensin. Angiotensin is a protein hormone that makes the blood vessels get narrower than usual. This restricts the blood flow to the penis causing difficulty in having erections leading to ED.


Note: ED can be effectively treated by using Kamagra. 


Low Libido


Excessive intake of alcohol affects your sex drive. Most men who are heavily addicted to alcohol may find the reduced sexual desire which results in less frequent sex drive. Alcohol can result in a decline in testosterone levels which is directly related to your libido. Low level of testosterone results in low libido. 


Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Excessive alcohol intake restricts your thought process and affects your mental and judgemental ability. This may divert you towards unprotected sex thus making you more prone to sexually transmitted diseases.


It has been found that around 50% of cases of unplanned and unprotected sex drives involve alcohol. Also, behind 60% of cases of sexually transmitted diseases, the culprit is alcohol.


Trouble In Orgasm


Heavy alcohol intakes affect your ability to get aroused. Your brain plays a most important role in your sexual performance. Alcohol restricts your brain to send a signal to your genitals for getting aroused thus interfering with your sexual activity. Most men face difficulty in ejaculating or may ejaculate too soon.




Alcoholism is found to be associated with testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone produced by man’s testicles. It is mainly responsible for the development of sexual features in men. Low testosterone levels affect your sperm count, vitality and mobility. This can further reduce your fertility. Even a small amount of alcohol in your body is sufficient to make you infertile.


Affect On Sex Organs


Prolonged consumption of alcohol causes your genital organs, that is, your penis and testicles to shrink.


Substance Abuse And Sex Life


Drug abuse is one of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction in men. Addiction to drugs or recreational substances not only affects your physical and mental health but also restricts your sexual ability. A journal report concluded that around 36.4 % of substance abusers complain of erectile dysfunction. However, you can get your erectile dysfunction reversed with the help of Kamagra.


Following are the ways in which substance abuse affects your sex life:


  • Substance abuse affects your immune system thus making you more prone to sexually transmitted diseases.


  • Drug abuse may also cause your genitals to shrink.


  • Drug abuse affects your endocrine system causing hormonal imbalances. This, in turn, affects your sperm count and may lead to infertility.


  • More importantly, the use of recreational drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin may damage your tiny blood vessels. This causes a restriction in blood flow to the penis thus causing hindrance in getting erections hence leading to erectile dysfunction. Cure your erectile dysfunction by Kamagra oral pill.


Treating Sexual Dysfunction


You can boost your sex life by treating your underlying sexual dysfunction and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lots of medications are available to improve your erections and hence your sexual ability.


Oral Pills


Oral pills like Kamagra are the most commonly prescribed way to get faster and longer erections. Other pills that could help you to stay harder and longer in bed are tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil, and sildenafil. Kamagra and these pills provide you with long-lasting and firm erections by improving blood flow to the penis.


Apart from oral pills, you can opt for alprostadil injections and suppository, penile implants, penis pumps and vascular reconstructive surgery.


Lifestyle Changes


Bring the following changes in your lifestyle to regain your sexual life:


  • Restrict use of recreational and illegal drugs.
  • Avoid excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Quit smoking and use tobacco in any form.
  • Get rid of excess weight
  • Maintain a normal level of body cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Take a healthy and balanced diet full of green vegetables and fruits. Avoid intake of processed foods, trans and unsaturated fats.
  • Do exercise regularly. Include kegel and aerobic exercise in your daily exercise routine.
  • Manage your blood pressure to a normal level.

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