Acquire a complete guide about changing the name on American Airlines ticket

American Airlines has a flexible and feasible change policy, which allows you to make corrections in your name if required. If there is a typing error in your name, and you realize it after booking, contact the airline to modify the booking. Besides, you can also correct the name by visiting my trip section online.

In case you doubt how the American Airlines name change process works. The article below will help you completely in this regard. You can go through it and keep yourself updated.

Simple ways to change your name on an American Airlines ticket 

Change flight online

  • Head to the official website of American Airlines and log in
  • Else go to the My Trip section to access the booking details
  • Provide the first name, last name, and booking reference; click on find reservation
  • From the dashboard, select the ticket you wish to change
  • Click on the change flight button and proceed
  • Now modify your name, save the changes and reconfirm
  • On the payment page, clear change fee or fare difference if applicable
  • After you are done with the modification, you will get a confirmation email soon

By calling the contact center

  • Dial the American Airlines reservation phone number
  • Choose language and follow IVR to speak to the American airlines live agent
  • Once connected, you can request the representative to correct the name on your behalf
  • The agent will ask for your booking details and do the modification on your behalf
  • When making changes on call, you might need to pay administrative charges also

The above process applies to the booking purchase directly from the American Airlines website, contact center, or at the airport. You can speak to the agent directly if you have a third-party booking. Now let’s check out the highlights of changing flight policy for smooth functioning.

American airlines change flight policy. 

  • American Airlines allows you to make corrections in your name; if there is a typo, a complete name change is not allowed.
  • Per the policy, you can correct the name up to three characters, and it should match your passport and government ID.
  • To make changes to your name, you can speak to American airlines directly or visit the website online.
  • If you want to change your name to another person, you need to cancel the ticket and purchase a new ticket with the correct name.

Reading through the complete information above, you must be clear about the name change process. However, if you are still confused about how American Airlines change name on ticket, you can speak to the American Airlines representative directly.

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