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When businesses collaborate to work together towards the same goal, when there is more and more innovation all around to find more sustainable ways of living, and most importantly, when there is education among the people about the importance of going green; only then will the UK Government be able to achieve its Net Zero Target by 2050.

The Government is doing its part of spreading awareness and giving out Green Home Grants. But can businesses do the same for the Green Consumer? As there has been a noticeable increase in the number of “zero – waste” searches online, there is a high expectation from businesses to come through with ecological options to meet the high expectations of customers.

Businesses, therefore, need to embrace green principles and become more sustainable. This will not only have a positive impact on their bottom line, but will also put them on the map for Green Customers; all the while reducing the impact they have on the Earth’s environment. A few ways through which businesses can go green are –

· Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Businesses need to bring their focus on the areas of business that are causing high amounts of Carbon Dioxide emissions. Once the problem areas are identified, innovations and technological advancements are always there to help everyone through this much needed transition.

· Ascertaining usage pattern of Key Resources

Electrical power, water, transportation – are all key resources of energy used in any kind of business enterprise. Ascertaining how these are used and finding out ways to minimise and regulate consumption will surely help in the long run.

· Setting Targets

One of the sure shot ways to achieve anything is to set realistic targets. Once the solution is known, it is always a good idea to set targets to achieve it. In this case, targets of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and ensuring that these targets are always met, is what’s best for everyone.

· Encouraging Manpower

As always, a motivated workforce is the key to success. Finding ways to inspire the people within the organisation by informing and educating them about the gravity of the situation and the importance of going green, means half the battle is already won!

In order to survive and grow in this ever – changing world, businesses need to adapt and change with time. While the Government is providing Storage Heater Replacement Grants to households, businesses need to do their part to contribute to the Green UK movement. Only with combined efforts will the Net Zero Target be achievable!

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