Acting as a Career – Eligibility, Job Roles, Pros and Cons

Actors are the professionals who are trained and qualified to portray different characters in theatre, film, TV, and other media. They also have to perform at several events to convey a social message or to entertain the audience. It is not easy to become an actor, and it needs excellent skills and training.




There are no specific eligibility criteria. Some actors don’t even need a formal education to become stars, while most talented actors struggle even with excellent acting skills and training. The key here is to choose the best acting classes and film studios to learn filmmaking and performing arts. They may also offer additional classes like music, dance, and personality development.


Stage actors should be able to connect with the audience with good reading skills. Speech classes are also available for these actors. Also, actors should have a strong presence of mind and be physically fit to be suited in different roles.


Job Roles


Actors have tough competition, and many actors have to start with guest appearances and side roles. With the social media boom and technological advances, actors can easily make their profiles. These days, job profiles are no longer limited to TV and films for actors. Here are some of the job roles actors can perform –


  • Film Acting – Only a few actors make it to movies, and a few of them manage to become a star. Film actors usually start as supporting cast in the movie or get breakthrough as prominent roles on the big screen. The movie industry produces two types of films – art and commercial films. So, every actor has a scope to find the role that is suited for them.
  • Stage actors – They act in theatres, plays, and get roles in different stage shows.
  • TV actors – They perform several roles in sitcoms and daily soaps. They get a lot of fame and earn a decent salary package.
  • Narrators/Voiceover artists – Some actors also narrate stories or give voiceover to animated movies, podcasts, movies, or other media.
  • Extras – Some actors need to start their career as extras to gain some experience. They are included in the scenes, and they don’t have any lines.
  • Drama teachers – They teach wannabe actors to improve their skills and refine their talents. They teach acting techniques, theories, and dramatic arts.


Employment Opportunities


Bollywood is India’s most significant film industry and is loaded with opportunities to grow. Here are the job sectors where actors can find opportunities –

  • TV industry
  • Motion Pictures
  • Theatre companies
  • Stage Shows
  • Video Industry
  • Advertisements
  • Plays


Where to learn Acting?


You should have a portfolio to show in production houses and casting agencies to get a job. They will get in touch with you when a fresh talent is required. Your links or ties can be an added benefit. You can also get a chance to assist some famous people in the industry and gain significant exposure by getting admission to a renowned institute like Barry John Acting Studio. You will be in a great position if you make a presence.

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