Actionable Tips for Saving Water with Your Irrigation System


Of course, it rained in parts of Australia in recent months, which have raised hopes that Australia’s drought is finally over. But, Australia’s drought hasn’t come to an end. We have to determine whether a region has recovered from drought or not, and it is a complex undertaking. Most drought-ravaged areas still require above-average rain before water storage levels return to average. However, prolonged and severe can significantly impact irrigation systems. Certain improvements can enhance the sustainability of water resources, improve crop yields, and increase energy-use efficiencies.

Various practices can help farmers use irrigation supplies Perth properly to make every drop count, especially during water limitations. Here are a few tips to save water with your irrigation system:-

Irrigation scheduling

This is one of the best practices farmers can follow to save water. Irrigation scheduling is the process of determining when and how to water the crops. When done correctly, irrigation scheduling helps to maximise the crop yields and water lost through runoff and deep percolation.

Prioritise crops

Prioritising the crops is a popular method that most irrigation producers. You should give priority to the crops that require water to survive like dry beans, potatoes, and sugar beets and then cut back on the water for other crops that require less water. You could also adjust the timings of irrigation applications through the right irrigation supplies. It is advisable to water during the cooler times of the day and in calmer conditions to avoid water evaporation so that you can get the most of the available water.

Invest in more efficient irrigation supplies

Converting from less efficient systems to more efficient Perth irrigation supplies can help save water and reduce wastage. There are many irrigation supplies ranging from about a 50% efficiency of water use to 90% efficiency of water usage. For example, farmers who are using wheel-move irrigation or flood irrigation can change to centre pivot irrigation methods. In addition to it, people who use pivot irrigation methods could convert to low-pressure drop nozzle systems. These methods can help save more water while watering the crops, even during dry days. When using low-pressure drop nozzle systems, pressure regulators can help as they can keep a constant pressure within the system, allowing consistency of application all the way along with the machine.

Consider VRI

Variable Rate Irrigation system offers a plethora of benefits, including improved water and energy use, more crop yield, and quality across the field. In VRI systems, the crops are watered based on several factors, including soil texture and topography across the field.

With these tips, you should be able to water the crops while saving the water efficiently. For more irrigation supplies, contact Rural Fencing Supplies. They offer a range of fencing and irrigation supplies.

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