Adaptive wheelchair sports for an active life.

When you are disabled, you can feel like you are missing out on things. Often this includes the things that you love doing. One area that this is really noticeable is in sports. This is why adaptive sports have been created to help people with disabilities have an active life. If you are in a wheelchair or powerchairs, then you will love these adaptive wheelchair sports like wheelchair basketball, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair sailing, wheelchair golf and wheelchair rugby.

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What are adaptive wheelchair sports? 

Adaptive wheelchair sports are a great way for people with mobility issues to get out and get active. Wheelchairs, of course, are the mainstay of mobility for people with disabilities, but there are many sports and activities that can be done while seated in a wheelchair. Wheelchair sports include everything from wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby to wheelchair beach volleyball and many more.

Why are adaptive wheelchair sports important?

Adaptive wheelchairs sports are important as it helps to maintain your physical health but not only physical health it can improve your emotional and social health too. It is the best way to get in contact with other wheelchair users and to meet new people. You can also enjoy the outdoors and become more active in your everyday life.

What are the most popular adaptive sports?

Adaptive sports are the best way to stay active, and healthy. It combines social-interactions, competition and exercise. Here are list of most popular adaptive sports:

Wheelchair racing

Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair table tennis

Wheelchair skiing




Why is adaptive sports beneficial to the physically disabled?

People with physical disabilities often struggle to find a way to stay fit and active in their lives. But when these people find adaptive sports, they find a way to stay fit and active and stay close to their friends and family. Adaptive sports are sports that have been modified to be accessible to physically disabled people. Whether it be wheelchair basketball or wheelchair rugby, adaptive sports provide a way for the physically disabled to feel included in their community and in their schools and in their workplaces.


Our goal is to provide freedom and independence to people with disabilities and create opportunities for adaptive wheelchairs sports and recreation. We strive to change the way the world defines disability and to reach beyond limitations and move beyond boundaries. . Wheelchair rental is also available for the people how want to active their life in adaptive wheelchair sports

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