There is nothing so difficult if you want to add your email account to your iPhone. Whether you have purchased an iPhone for the first time and entirely new to its setup, it is always great to customize the email experience to get a better user experience while using an iPhone. Rather, email customization can be done more quickly and easily.

In the previous few months, Apple has released some new iPhones, including the cheapest iPhone, till now, along with iPhone SE and iPhone 11. Whether you have purchased the new iPhone or someone has gifted you, adding an email account may not be your priority list. Despite adding an email account, other multiple features can be used to maximize the user experience. For example, you can turn off AMBER alerts to maximize your experience while using the iPhone. Moreover, there is still some delay in the release of the iPhone 12, which is indicating that Apple users may be stuck with the model they are using for a longer time.

It is making up a good time for Apple users to switch to learn things about their current iPhone model a little more. The mail app in iOS devices is under a careful examination of the default mail app flaw in iOS 13. The default mail app has been affecting the users of the iPad and iPhone since the release of iOS 6. However, the issues affecting iOS devices are not limited only to the default mail app as a bug in the Edison Mail app of iPhone users puts their online information at risk.

All these vulnerabilities have compelled the iPhone and iPad users to worry about their online data security. However, developers and the companies are releasing updates to deal with these mail app security threats, but it will be good to remain aware of these latest issues or bugs. Meanwhile, if you are willing to add your email account to your iPhone, then Apple has offered instructions in detail regarding it. You can refer to the FAQ section of the company and get help from its support pages.

Ways to Adding Email Accounts To your iPhone

You can add your email directly to the iPhone by clicking on the Settings. The Settings section on the iPhone will appear in the gear or cog shape in gray. Then, keep on scrolling down to Accounts & Passwords and then tap on it. When you click on the Add Account section, you will be prompted to a list with a lot of email providers. After selecting the applicable one, move to enter the information related to your email account. When you tap on Next after entering the account information, you will receive a verification mail on the selected user id. After personalizing the other information for your email account, Click on Save. As you will complete the entire process, the email will become visible in the Mail app.

The  Mail app in iOS supports many other mail apps such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud. It supports other account variants such as POP and IMAP email services. However, these can be added to your mail app manually, but you may need your email provider’s help for any required information. For the users who are unsure if some specific email accounts are supported or not, they can find the required information from the support page of Apple.

There are also several mail apps of the third party are available on iOS devices for those who are not interested in using the Mail app of iOS. For example, The users can Spark, which has a smooth user interface with modern design. Also, Spark supports many other email services, which are much popular such as Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. Moreover, Spark is very much personalized and fast compared to the Mail app making it a great choice for professionals. It is helpful for professionals if they want their online data sorted quickly and easily on their iPhone.

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