Add More Power to Your Virtual Zoom Meetings with The Boys Backgrounds

The American web series, The Boys, is a top-rated show and has a lot of iconic and exemplary images. Here is how to get these images as your Zoom virtual meeting backgrounds.

The best part of using the Zoom video conferencing app these days is its iconic custom backgrounds. The custom background feature is giving opportunities to the app users to make their video chat more interesting. The users can entertain themselves by adding several iconic images of different most popular series to their Zoom background. This time Zoom has allowed the users to add the imagery from the web series The Boys as their Zoom background. The feature not only makes your chat more engaging, but also it is effortless to use.

The custom background offers tons of benefits to the users, along with reducing distractions during the video chats. Moreover, the feature makes it convenient for users to find a specific area for their video calls. These custom backgrounds often cover up a lot of space during the video calls in front of cameras. Also, these custom backgrounds add a lot of reliability to these chats, which is a bonus. These Zoom backgrounds often served as the starter of some conversation between the people. The people connect on some common interest for discussion. So, the reasons are unlimited, why it is excellent to use backgrounds. Also, it is really and always encouraging if companies are taking steps to provide official images for free to be set as Zoom backgrounds.

The video streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video, has offered several images for its most popular shows. These favorite shows also include the American period comedy-drama, The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, and the superhero-based web series The Boys. According to the official The Boys Twitter account almost 12 images of the web series have been posted. These images are representing the major characters and locations of the web series. These images will remain memorable to anyone who is going to check these images out. Moreover, these images are available for free downloads from Twitter itself. The pictures of web series The Boys are available in the resolution of 1920×1080, which is considered the perfect size for the Zoom app background.

 Ways to Add The Boys Images as Your Zoom Calls Background

If you are willing to choose the images from the web series The Boys to set up these as your Zoom background, then it is effortless to do. You can set up a Zoom app background regardless you are using a green screen or some other. The users will need to search for the Settings option appearing on the Zoom app client once you have downloaded the images. The users can find the Settings option in the form of gear at the top of the app window. After moving to the Settings, go to choose “Virtual Background” and click on it. Further, you will need to click on the “Add Image” option or the icon of “+.”

When you click on the + button, it will open the browser to select a file you want to upload. If you’re going to set up the background for your Zoom call through a mobile interface, it is much easier to do. When you are attending a call through your Zoom app, tap on the arrow appearing next to the option of Stop Video. After then, you will need to select the option Video Settings to set up the background. Apart from these, the users who have a green screen will find the backgrounds much sharper in reducing the space behind them. However, powerful PCs can also provide users with much more sharp Zoom backgrounds.

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