Did your staff meetings and Emergency plans prepare you for COVID-19?

Yes, we have practiced hundreds of times about a fire or natural disaster like a tornado. COVID-19 has caused us to adjust and think more about preparation than ever before.

We are staying in our homes and barely coming outside for weeks.

For those of us who work with individuals who are big on routines, this may trigger a lot of challenges because they can not go to places they enjoy and frequent. Group Home Consultant

I have written and prepared several emergency plans but I must admit that I wasn’t ready. Staffing patterns are being changed and disinfectant supplies are out of stock for weeks. We are having to use virtual platforms to meet with coworkers and clients. People are losing their jobs at such a fast pace.

We must remember to focus on self-care and keep our thoughts and spirits positive.


Keep an inventory on PPE and sanitation supplies.

Train staff on COVID-19 protocols.

Make sure emergency supplies comply with state regulations.  Developmental Disabilities Consultant

Check-in with individuals and staff.

I do know that we will make it through this and be stronger because of it. What can we do to be more prepared in the future? To be determined.

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