Adult learning: Ethics and significance in organizations

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A child going to school to learn is in general a common and an accepted activity. But an adult attending an institute or a similar organization to learn is rather a trend that requires more mental maturity to understand. The process begins taking into consideration certain vital aspects like how an adult thinks, acts, and handles information. It is this which makes it necessary to device an effective method for an adult.

To develop an effective learning concept, certain distinctive aspects play important role and has to be considered. These important characteristics are manly inclination for independent learning, compare and connect with one’s own life experience, learn while transitioning into new responsibilities, a eager intention to immediately apply the new knowledge and be internally motivated rather than externally or outside ones.

Since an adult brain is much different and mature in comparison to a child’s brain, it follows a different learning style.  Adult learning empowers adult learners to renovate their lives with theories that can be applied straightforwardly to the real lives thereby giving adults a better shot at success. Adult learning helps an individual to maintain a lifelong-learning mindset that in turn offers a potential way to boost their general intelligence.

As to the question of why adult learning theories are significant, the answer can be explained as these theories provide an imperative base for learners in the academic writing, research and applied practice as well. The ethical value of adult learning impact both sides of the coin, on one side, it gives the individual insights on the set up learning environments and how to get the best out, while adult learners move toward gaining knowledge and the most needed life experiences which enables them to apply it into life as innovative solutions. Implementing definite techniques to progress their academic performance can be achieved because adult learners are more likely to be internally motivated.

The Lifelong Learning Academy Group is a Singapore based organization dedicated to offer lifelong learning opportunities for organizations and adults. Lifelong Learning Academy assists aspiring adult learners to draw on their life experiences and learn new facts of life. The organization also enables and extends their help in attending classes; acquire lessons and reading material from a perspective of a desire to learn when transitioning to a new role whether in their own business or in the organizations they serve.

Whether it may be an aim to a promotion or simply a career change for the better, or to keep on up-to-date in the specific field, Lifelong Learning Academy Group assist and guides professionals, both locally and internationally with significant consultancy services and equally vital training sessions that aim to acquire knowledge and skills in order to enable adult learners to be fully equipped and future ready.

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