Adult sex doll production process

We’re also curious when we buy Lifelike Sex Dolls from Lovedollshops
How is such a realistic Sex Doll made? The production process is very complicated. What kind of handicraft is it made?

Aside from the visual differences caused by differences in height and body size, there isn’t much difference visually, but it’s actually not the same. The making of silicone dolls is fraught with complexity and uncertainty.

Using silica gel as raw material, the cost is high and the process is complicated. From the manufacture of the metal frame to the filling, it needs to be handled with care, and the seam of the metal must be in the center of the silicone, otherwise, it will lead to defective products. No one wants to buy the Best Sex Dolls with valgus or paronychia.

Details make a difference

In making Sex Doll, the silicone mold in the later stage, there must be no deviation, otherwise, it can only be abandoned. The whole process starts with facial modeling, shaping, trimming the body details, assembling the molding, and applying the corresponding image and personality to the doll, like praying for her and infusing the soul.

Mainly, the curing of silica gel generally takes 6 to 8 hours. In order not to affect other processes, this process is usually carried out at night. The staff came to work in the morning, opened the mold, and a Real Life Sex Doll was ready.

LovedollShops supports custom Sex Doll

Making the doll’s face and body beautiful is just a basic need. In addition, these dolls will be based on the different needs of customers, different chest types from flat to large breasts, and whether they need to be fitted with lower body hair. What the dolls have in common is the lack of manes, and the outcome depends on the consumer’s definition of perfection.

Silicone dolls are to some extent a symbol of the perfect “body”. No pores, no scars, so-called deliberately modified defects, all come from most human bodies. But with Real Love Doll, people don’t want to see these problems.

In another sense, what people need is not real people, but humanoid companions. But in the face of real silicone dolls, the attitude of the outside world often becomes ambiguous and serious. The starting point of making dolls is to create partners and solve the loneliness of some modern people. It may contain sex, but it doesn’t just exist as a sexual product.

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