Advance your career – Apply for a masters course in Optometry

Optometry deals with the care of the eyes and the entire vision system. If you want to advance your career in optometry then you should apply for the masters course. The course provides specialized knowledge in optometry. The candidates choosing to specialize in this field will find good job prospects

Optometry involves testing the eyes and the entire vision system, diagnosing any visual problem and providing treatment. An optometrist is a person educated and trained in the science of optometry. If you have completed a bachelors course and want to advance your career then you should go for the masters course.

The course is – Master of Optometry. The course helps the candidates to advance their career as a researcher or an optometrist with specialized knowledge. The course caters to the needs of the society today and in the future. The Optometry course is job oriented.

Course details
The course details are as follows:

  • The course is a two-year UGC recognized degree course. It includes six months of clinical internship.
  • The course caters to the career specific needs and provides industry focused skills development training and research training.
  • The course consists of assignments, coursework, research projects, patient care in clinics and more.
  • The course includes presentations, educational seminars, hands-on training sessions, workshops, special lectures and more.

The eligibility is a B. Optometry course or an equivalent course like BSc. in Optometry from a recognized university. The candidate must have completed their internship before the date of interview. The candidate must be medically fit.

The placement of the candidates under a teacher is decided by the university.

Placement options
The candidates completing this course will find a bright future as there is huge demand for such professionals. The candidate can find placements at private consultancy practice, business consultancy practice, optical showroom, corporate sector, academics, eye hospital and more.

The profession also includes fitting, supplying and manufacturing of spectacles, contact lenses and other optical aids.

Values taught in the optometry course
The candidates are taught the following values:

  • The candidates are taught to participate in professional partnership. They are taught to acquire, evaluate and communicate information in an effective way with the other team members.
  • The candidates are taught to apply critical reasoning to medical care rather than follow educational methods.
  • The candidates are taught to understand illness and how to control it. They are taught to identify and manage illness.
  • The candidates taught to practice healthcare in the community.
  • The candidates are taught to take responsibility for their learning and encouraged to continue learning new educational skills in the future.

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