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Advanced Disk Space Monitor Crack + PC/Windows

Advanced Disk Space Monitor is a free data monitoring software that shows current and historical information about all hard disk space on your computer. Advanced Disk Space Monitor is easy to use and easy to install, just create a configuration file and monitor your hard disks as needed. Advanced Disk Space Monitor also allows you to set up alerts to be sent to you when the free disk space of any hard disk starts to go down.
Advanced Disk Space Monitor Screenshot:

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Advanced Disk Space Monitor Crack + Download For Windows

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Advanced Disk Space Monitor Crack+ With License Code

Advanced Disk Space Monitor is an easy to use application which checks hard disk and USB drives for available free space.
Uses emails for disk space alerts, and includes auto-completion of message body.
Supports dynamic and custom time alerts.
Inspects the whole folder tree to find the largest and smallest files.
Supports multiple volume (disk) check.
Displays disk and volume free space and usage.
Supports fixed and removable drives, local and remote hard drives and USB volumes.
Used in over 50 countries, and 20 languages.
Allows to initiate local alerts, and start/stop the monitoring.
Possibility to switch drive monitoring on and off at run-time.
Report data including SMTP server details, email content, and file size.
Ranking of volumes according to available free space.
Time filters and sorting in the SMTP tab.
If you are looking for a reliable utility to monitor your free space, this is just what you need.


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What’s New in the Advanced Disk Space Monitor?

Advanced Disk Space Monitor lets you keep a close eye on your disk drive activity and monitor system folder size in real-time with its interactive graph display. The program can quickly scan all your Windows computer drives and also identify external devices connected via USB. It has a GUI front-end that can be used for most tasks, or you can setup Advanced Disk Space Monitor as a service, that you can launch remotely. Advanced Disk Space Monitor can send you email alerts on disk space issues.

Advanced Disk Space Monitor is a comprehensive disk space monitor that can keep track of all of your hard drives and other storage devices that are connected to your computer via USB and the network.

Advanced Disk Space Monitor Features:

* Reports the disk space usage of each drive, network location, external devices such as network printers and scanners, and directories and folders
* Graphical display of disk space usage by drive and directories and folders
* Use as a service to run in the background
* Email alerts for major space issues
* Graphical display of free space for each drive
* Control or totally bypass the system notification sound effects
* Backups can be scheduled
* Password protection available
* Free version with 30 days trial period
* Both network and local drives can be monitored
* Supports directories and folders

System Requirements:

Advanced Disk Space Monitor must run in a Windows OS environment. It can only monitor local disk drives, and it cannot monitor network shares and external devices.

Advanced Disk Space Monitor Review:

Advanced Disk Space Monitor is a comprehensive disk space monitor that can keep track of all of your hard drives and other storage devices that are connected to your computer via USB and the network.

Advanced Disk Space Monitor has a GUI interface, so you can manage it either on the desktop or remotely through its command line interface. It doesn’t require a separate monitor or monitor plug-in, so it can work from wherever you run it.
Advanced Disk Space Monitor uses a variety of methods to keep track of your hard drives and make sure they don’t fill up too quickly. You can also scan other local drives and external devices that are connected to the computer. The program can send you email alerts on disk space issues, so you can check the status of each drive and what’s causing the problem.
Advanced Disk Space Monitor will quickly scan all of the local drives, subdirectories, and folders on your computer to see how much disk space each one is using, and where the problem lies. You can then use the display graph to see the graph of usage. It will also show free space on each drive.
Advanced Disk Space Monitor works great as a service, so you can schedule it to launch automatically at boot time. It allows you to manage a variety of processes, including system sounds, and it can have different results on each trigger. It can scan network drives and local USB devices, and it works great for sharing your drive

System Requirements For Advanced Disk Space Monitor:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
1 GHz processor
1 GB of RAM
10 GB of free space
1024 x 768 screen resolution
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