Advanced feature-set of a custom esports betting software

The esports betting industry is one of the most progressing industries at present. It is a platform that helps users earn money effortlessly. There are many leagues and matches that users can place bets on after analyzing the previous player performance, match statistics, reports, and more. As a business owner, you will also have multiple revenue sources that are consistent, given that your custom esports betting software solution provides good gaming or betting experience. 

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Top 6 features to be included in the betting software:

These six advanced attributes will make the app robust and secure, and so, users will rely on your platform to enjoy a good round of betting. 

Multiple payment modes:

The gaming solution should have several secure payment gateways integrated into it. This will enable users to pay easily while placing a bet. One of the major concerns of your users will be the safety that the app provides, so ensure that the gateways are completely safe and will not track any details. 

Live streaming:

This efficient feature will enable the game users to any live match or league via the online solution. It will help them predict the outcome or further proceedings, so they can place a bet accordingly. 

Multiple bets:

The gaming platform will also allow users to place multiple bets at the same time. This way, users will invest in many matches, and the odds of earning will be very high. 

Customizable solution:

Make sure that the esports software you build is customized to fit your requirements. Any future enhancements required should also be done effortlessly by the custom esports betting software providers you choose. 

Social media account integration:

Users will be allowed to integrate their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. it will allow betters to share their app experience with family and friends. 

Cryptocurrency-enabled platform:

Ensure that your solution supports the usage of cryptocurrencies, as this is one of the key factors to grow in the industry. This will also enable users from across the globe to get access to your software and its services. 

Summing up!

As an entrepreneur, all that is left for you to do is to hire the most skilled custom esports betting software provider in the market and get started with your business. 


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