Advanced Non-Surgical Treatments for Elbow Pain

Orthopedic pain can be quite bothersome and challenging to manage. It affects our day-to-day routines and causes inconvenience in doing regular tasks. Pain in the elbow can show a significant impact on hand movement. Lifting heavy objects, excessive pressure on the elbow muscles can strain the elbow and result in elbow pain. Sportspersons like tennis players, golfers, boxers, and baseball players are most prone to developing elbow pain. 

When elbow muscles undergo excessive pressure for various reasons, it significantly affects the elbow range of motion and causes tremendous pain in the elbow. Although there are numerous conservative treatment options, some treatments might not resolve the underlying medical condition. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications can provide temporary relief to the condition. The use of braces and supporting padding to the elbow can subside the pain for the time being. Surgical interventions for orthopedic problems require more downtime for recovery and rehabilitation. 

Regenerative treatments are the most advanced treatment options to relieve elbow pain without the need for surgery. Interventional orthopedics is a new approach that uses our biological cells to treat various orthopedic health problems. Stem cell procedures and platelet therapies enable repairing damaged tissue and regenerate healthy tissue, thereby reducing elbow pain and inflammation. 

Regenerative treatments to relieve orthopedic pain 

Stem cell therapy for orthopedic conditions in India is the most effective treatment option for various orthopedic problems, such as muscle aches, ligament injuries, tendon tears, including sports and exercise injuries. Platelet procedures for elbow injuries repair the damaged muscle, ligament, tendon, and other joint injuries associated with the elbow. Regenerative treatments help in relieving pain and inflammation resulting from degenerative arthritis. Stem cell injections and platelet injections repair the damaged cartilage and reduce elbow pain. 

Super-concentrated platelet (SCP) injections contain healing growth factors that heal the injury and aid in faster recovery. SCP treatments for elbow conditions are highly effective and safe without any side effects. Sportspersons who receive platelet injections for elbow pain can typically get back to the sports field much faster than anticipated. Our blood platelets contain healing growth factors that do repair the tissue at the cellular level. 

Platelet treatments to get rid of elbow pain 

SCP treatment for elbow pain in India has currently become the most advanced non-surgical treatment option for those who wish to recover with ease at the earliest possible. SCP therapy for elbow pain does not involve an incision on the skin. The patients who receive platelet injections for elbow problems experience relief from pain within a few weeks of receiving SCP treatment. SCP treatments is a minimally-invasive, same-day, outpatient procedure that does not require a hospital stay. During the process, a sample of blood is drawn from a vein in the arm of the patient. Firstly, platelets are separated from red and white blood cells by the process of centrifugation  and patented manual processing. The obtained platelets are concentrated in a laboratory before they are injected into the body. These platelets are 15 to 20 times concentrated than the normal platelets drawn from the body. 

SCP treatment accelerates the process of recovery by reducing the pain and inflammation in the elbow. With platelet therapy for elbows, one can experience a gradual improvement in the pain and can regain strength in the treated elbow. The platelets used in the treatment are autologous biological cells where one need not worry about post-treatment complications. As the procedure is a minimally-invasive process, the chances of post-procedure infection are zero. After the treatment, physiotherapy exercises play a crucial role in the recovery process. These exercises improve the blood flow to the treated area and aid in faster recovery.

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