Advanced Tips for Better Video Conferencing Experience Through Zoom

Nowadays, video conferencing is playing a pivotal role in in-office meetings. There are several apps which are reinforcing this process. Zoom is among one of them. It is a cloud platform on which you can do audio-video conferencing and also chat with people in real-time. You can meet your clients, colleagues remotely for meeting purposes through Zoom.

I have mentioned some tips below for better video conferencing experience through Zoom.

  • Record an Ongoing Conference

Suppose you are in a meeting with your colleagues and someone suggests a tremendous idea that can be implemented in the business which may help you get better results. So instead of noting it down somewhere, you may use the video recording feature of the application to record the whole conference or a particular part of the meeting. Just use Alt+R to record.

  • Use Video Feature Only When Required

To increase the quality of the call, you may turn off the video when it is not necessary. By doing so, you may get better audio output and hardly with any interruptions. These settings can be used when your internet connection is slow or moderate.

  • Invite Your Colleagues

You are in a conference with a group of teammates discussing some important topics, and then there arises a task of a kind which can only be done by the one who is currently not in a conference. In that case, you may send a quick invitation to that particular individual to join the meeting. You can send an invitation link to that person on his mail address.

  • Screen Sharing with Colleagues

Screen Sharing is an outstanding feature of Zoom with which you can share your screen with an individual and also you can view multiple screens simultaneously just by changing some settings in the Screen Sharing section. This will help you in understanding about the concept or a project which one of your mates is working on and is currently describing you and wants to show it to you to get some suggestions from you.

  • Disable Audio When Required

Likewise, every other app Zoom also provides the audio disabling feature. You can turn off audio when it is not required. Sometimes when there is a disturbance going on in the background, you can mute the audio and wait for a while. While disabling the audio, you will only be able to hear what conversation is going on during the conference. And it is recommended to disable the audio while you enter into a discussion. By doing so, you will be able to enter the meeting quietly without any external disturbance.

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