Advantages and application of Isola 370hr PCB

The laminates and prepregs in the Isola 370hr PCB are made from a patented high-performance 180 ° C TG FR-4 multifunctional epoxy resin system for multilayer printed circuit board (PWB) applications requiring maximum heat dissipation, reliability and caf resistance. The system has excellent thermal performance and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and its mechanical, chemical and moisture-proof properties reach or exceed the traditional FR-4 material.

370hr is the industry’s “best in class” lead-free compatible product, suitable for high reliability applications in various markets. 370hr is used in thousands of PWB designs and has proven to be the best of its kind in terms of thermal reliability, CAF performance, ease of machining and reliability of sequential laminate design.

Isola 370HR PCB

Isola 370HR PCB

Isola 370HR PCB Typical market applications:

Computing, storage and peripherals

consumer electronics

Network and communication system

Aerospace and national defense

Medical, industrial and instrumentation

Automobile and transportation

Isola 370HR PCB Product features:

Industry recognition:

UL file number: e41625

UL compliant Mcil program

RoHS compliant

Isola 370HR PCB Processing advantages:

FR-4 process compatible

UV barrier and AOI fluorescence

Isola 370HR PCB Performance attributes:

Caf resistant

Compatible with lead-free assembly


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