Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi Plug Socket for Charging Your Electronic Device

The extension box or pop up box is a connecting device to charge the electronic devices like mobile and laptop. It has advantages as well as disadvantages. One has to be very careful in selecting the box.

Extension box are used to connect for charging multi devoices wherever you are sitting. As it has long extension cord, it can be used according to your convenience. It can be fixed on floor or wall, and can also be placed on a table. The use of the box is according to your need and place of work. Its main purpose is to charge multiple devices at a time.

The box has multi plug socket facility to charge your mobile and laptop and other electronic devises. It is a temporary solution for power supply. Also used as plug point for light settings. It is constructed with a power cable with plug at one end and multiple plug boxes at the other end. The power cord can be extended up to 100 meters. An adapter can be used if the power outlet and plug are in different size.

The extension cords are available in various color, types, length, and thickness. High watt devices need to be connected with thicker extension cord. It is categorized for temporary use and frequent use. Hence, when you are going to buy the extension box take care of with cord according to your purpose. The multi plug box available in different size and shapes. It is available in circle shape, rectangle and square shape.

Features of Multi Plug Sockets

There are several features of extension boxes. Some of them are as follows.

  • The extension cord can be used up to 100 meter distance. If your computer area is far from the power supply you can use the extension box to connect the computer.
  • Easy power access for any workspace – as the cord can cover almost 100 meters, it will be easy to choose any workspace according to your comfort.
  • Build with aluminium housing
  • As it has clamps, it is easy to fix on a wall or ceiling or at the back side of the table.
  • Multi plug – as it has multi plug sockets, it is easy to charge several devices at a time.
  • soft opening for enhanced comfort and safety
  • It is slim so that it can place anywhere you require
  • Push and slide locking system to avoid accidental opening

Extension cord can be over heated if it is used improperly. Overheating happens through over loading. If the device consumes more watt than the extension cord can carry, then it may lead to heating or burning of the cord. So, very sensible or high watt electric devices should not connect with the multi plug boxes. If the extension box is used for permanent or regular purpose, then you have to choose, the best quality cord and boxes.

When you are about to buy a multi plug box, you have to be very careful in selecting the cord quality and capacity to carry power. Choose the box which has master switch facility, if you want to switch off it in emergency.

Deepak is an electrical engineer and he has many years of experience in it. He has written many articles on multi plug sockets and the article gives adequate information for readers.

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