Advantages and Disadvantages of Seamless Steel Pipes and Welded Pipes

The wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe is relatively wide, and it can achieve small diameter and large wall thickness and large diameter and large wall thickness. However, in general, the length is limited (only a small number of manufacturers can produce super long pipes). Thinner, it can achieve large diameter and small wall thickness and small diameter and small wall thickness. In theory, how long the long roll is, how long the welded pipe can produce. In general, the thicker it is, the more suitable it is to choose seamless steel pipe.

In terms of wall thickness uniformity and concentricity, the welded pipe is better than the seamless pipe. Because the thickness tolerance of the cold rolled sheet is relatively uniform, the
deformation during the forming process is uniform. However, the welds are convex, and different companies and specifications have different welding height requirements. In special cases, they can be welded first and then cold-drawn or cold-rolled; Influenced by factors such as equipment accuracy and material function, there are problems of uneven thickness and concentricity, but the roundness is better than that of the welded pipe.
The function, the uniformity of the welded pipe is better, and the surface quality is better. The uniformity of the function of the cold-rolled sheet is better than that of the pipe, and the welded
pipe generally uses on-line solid solution, uniform heat treatment, and more stable function. However, there are no heat treatment processes in the middle and low end welded pipes on the market, so the quality is very different. Seamless steel pipes are sampled in different directions on the same pipe, and their functions are different, and some may differ greatly. When the seamless pipe is heat treated, there is uneven heating in the heat treatment of the bundle of heat pipes, and the cooling rate is inconsistent.

Corrosion resistance function. The weld has been heat treated to the material requirements. If there is no heat-treated welded pipe, the corrosion resistance is greatly reduced compared with the
seamless steel pipe.

The production cost of welded pipes is lower and more environmentally friendly. A good welded pipe factory can do the right environment with the electronics factory.

Understand the pressure is not the same. Under the same specifications, the seamless steel tube is subjected to higher pressure than the welded pipe.

The price is different. For the whole, seamless steel pipes are more expensive than welded pipes. However, it also has the following characteristics: if it is a thick-walled pipe, it is suitable to use a seamless steel pipe, and if it is a thin-walled pipe, it is suitable to use a welded pipe.

Due to the different delivery period, the welded pipe is made of stainless steel, and the processing is relatively simple, so the delivery time is shorter. The seamless steel pipe should be from the beginning of the round steel, pierced and then subjected to multiple cold drawing/cold rolling processing, and then solution annealing and pickling to produce the product, and the production cycle is longer.

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