Advantages of a local digital marketing strategy over the global one:

If you are wondering, should franchises work the localized digital marketing strategies or on the contrary should they follow a more global strategy? Let us find out here.

The option of a franchise marketing plan for each of the franchises implies delegating the management of, for example, social profiles to the franchisee. It has some advantage and also disadvantages. We will try to shred and compare the premises of the global ones.

Advantages of a local digital marketing strategy over the global one:

Target knowledge of each franchise:

Each franchisee, when it decides to open the business, conducts a study of the area of ​​influence. Among other factors, you should study the demographic situation of the area, its target audience, quantity, age, sex, economic level, customs, etc.

Strategic plan based on this study of the Target:

With all these data and with the help of franchise marketing agency, the franchisee will be able to establish a plan aimed at obtaining the best results by segmenting the maximum and defining the message to convince its “neighbors”.


Playing with the proximity factor, attachment to the neighborhood, to the work area, to the comfort of being there, close to the client, gives a feeling of confidence.

The franchisor trains its franchisees in the area, just as it does in the tools of inventory and sales management.

We think, believe and advise to manage the digital strategy of franchise companies in a centralized way such as with the help of franchise marketing solutions because although the local knowledge of the client is lost, it is supplemented with direct attention in the store and with more traditional, in-person, on-site actions.

We believe that by centralizing the digital communication made by the franchise brand we save on costs and still, we get much more return on investment, even for the franchisee.

Taking into account that we can count on tools that help us segment each campaign, both by the geographic scope and by personal spheres.

In franchise marketing best practices, they must be able to keep centralized the management of digital marketing actions that the franchisee carries out, although they are local for each franchisee.

Even so, we advise to train franchisees, keep them informed at all times and make them share in the global marketing strategy with ideas, actions, promotions, news, news and local information to favor, from the headquarters, the approach of franchises to their public.


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