Advantages of Aluminum Railings

Various federal, state, and local rules and regulations require exterior railings in both homes and buildings. Railings are essential, especially in the home. They provide security and stability to those using stairs, ramps, porches, decks, and deck stairs. They also look terrific.

Aluminum, of course, is best choice, for any railing, no matter where it’s installed or how it’s used.

Here are the many advantages of using aluminum railings in your home:

  • Endurance: aluminum railings resist harsh weather and retain their form through the time. Changing seasons, saltwater exposure, and varying temperatures won’t damage them or lead to replacement. Wood, vinyl, steel, and other materials cannot say that.
  • Little care: aluminum railing need very little care and you can tailor them to suit your needs. Their powder coating requires very little upkeep. Aluminum’s surface also creates an invisible oxide defense coating that helps avoid rust, so you don’t have to apply any further treatments post installation.
  • Reasonably Priced: aluminum railings are more reasonably priced than wood, vinyl, steel, and other materials.
  • Toughness: aluminum will not decay, rot, or rust. Aluminum railings are flexible and retain their form and dimensions no matter the extreme.
  • Versatility: aluminum railings are available in a selection of styles and colors and you can personalize them to suit your ramps, porches, decks, or deck stairs
  • Easy to Install: you can easily install aluminum railings in just a few hours.

Aluminum Railing Depot

Aluminum Railing Depot (ARD) is your one-stop site for all of your aluminum railing, secondary handrail aluminum railing, and rectangle baluster installation needs. It also provides square balusters. It’s your square balusters installation depot. Find all you need for stairs, ramps, porches, decks, and deck stairs aluminum railings.

It exclusively deals PREFERRED® Aluminum Railing Products, which are the finest railing products on the market. PREFERRED’s engineers designed the easiest to install, aluminum products, using 6005-T5, powder coated products, with a limited lifetime warranty.

Aluminum Railings

PREFERRED® railing kits come in five colors (black, brown, gray, sandstone, white) with textured finishes. ARD offers two railings series:

  • Georgian Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.
  • Savannah Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.

Kits include top and bottom rails, balusters brackets, screws, template, and instructions. Posts are not included.

Stair Railing Installation

See PREFERRED®’s how-to videos for assistance with stair railing installation

PREFERRED® limited warranty guarantees that its aluminum railing products have no design or material flaws and will not peel, crack, flake, blister, flake, or rust.

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