Advantages of Home Health Care Services

Many people prefer to receive care at home. In fact, following an accident or an illness, it is often difficult to carry out your daily tasks yourself. Hence the importance of being hospitalized at home to be well treated. Such care offers elderly people, especially those who live alone, human contact, a strong emotional relationship, and many other advantages.

Home care: what is it in practice?

Every day, companies are born and offer home care. But really, what can they understand from this concept? This is a service provided at home by health professionals. In clear terms, the latter make themselves available to the patient to help him carry out his daily tasks and provide him with treatments that can be carried out outside the health centre.

Services Offered In-Home Care

The services provided in the field encompass several spheres of daily life: hygiene care, assistance with meals, laundry, sorting mail, accompaniment for shopping such as picking up medicines from the pharmacy, and reminding the patient to take them in real-time.

It can also be recreational activities aimed at maintaining the physical and intellectual health of the patient, such as card games, walks, outings to church, or the cinema.

The home health care services mainly concern post-surgical treatments, complex dressings, antibiotic therapies, monitoring of high-risk pregnancies, and even the care of premature babies. It should be noted that a coordinating doctor orchestrates this care in conjunction with the general practitioner and the professionals who work alongside the patient.

Good health care

Hospitalizing a person at home implies better follow-up. Depending on his health problems, a regular watch is organized. Physiotherapy services, for example, require immediate assistance. And you are less likely to meet such people in a specialized establishment.

The best way would be to hire someone at home for effective care. He will make regular medical visits to you to inquire whether or not your state of health has improved and to adopt the necessary measures at the right time.

No more feelings of abandonment

Patients hospitalized in the centres are mostly abandoned. They find themselves alone and have no one to cheer them up. This feeling of loneliness could, in the long run, trigger a psychic blockage and seriously impact their health.

On the other hand, staying at home creates a favourable environment to fight against isolation. The presence of home health care services and family members strengthens cordial and friendly bonds. This is not the case in establishments, especially for long visits.

Maintained privacy

Family members, spouses, and friends can enjoy greater intimacy and have more exclusive discussions if the patient is at home. The other important advantage is that the patient being at home can more easily decide who he wants to see or not. As far as health professionals are concerned, they only enter the residence by invitation; that is to say that they do not impose their visits.

The husband could thus experience moments of intimacy with his suffering wife. In addition, surrounding oneself with one’s objects with the pleasure of being with one’s pets encourages the patient to stay at home. At home and not in a hospital environment, he will experience a sense of well-being and peace. Some also express the desire to go to bed.

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