Advantages Of Using Monocrystalline Solar Panel Material Options

Solar panels are getting common these days. PV systems offer users with numerous benefits. Being Photo-Voltaic types, these panels are more efficient. When searching, you come across two main types – Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline type panels.


Both types are used for the same purpose- producing energy from solar power. But there are certain points that you have to understand.


  • As compared to polytypes, Monocrystalline Solar Panels are more efficient
  • You have to understand key differences before making your final decision
  • The right decision will depend on the output power and material cost


General-purpose for using these panels


In both cases, the difference is at the cellular level. Function-wise, both types still offer similar functions. The solar panels are used to produce electricity using the Sun’s heat and light. Monocrystalline panels are designed in such a way that they easily trap solar energy with the cells.


The captured energy is then converted into electrical energy, using different methods.


Best silicone base


If you are searching the internet, you will discover more information related to Monocrystalline Silicon material. It is a specialized type of silicone and is widely used in manufacturing solar-powered cells. The material is also easily available, as it has a silicone base.


Durability factor


As compared to any other material, silicone is highly durable. It is practically resistant to damage. The material is also flexible and thus ideal for use in manufacturing solar panels. Manufacturers often prefer using monocrystalline type material due to their high durability.


While manufacturing solar panels using Monocrystalline Silicon manufacturers make use of advanced technology.


Single crystal layer


When you are using monocrystalline type panels, then single-layered silicone sheets are used. So during the manufacturing stage, multiple layers of silicones do not have to be melted and fused, into a single sheet.


This factor is beneficial as the sheet undergoes a simple manufacturing procedure. A single silicone fragment is much easier to use and handle.


Premium quality


When comparing monotype with poly type panels, monocrystalline panels are considered as premium quality panels. This means that the panels will be more efficient. The output of electrical power is also much higher as compared to the polytype material panel.


Sleek looks


Thickness wise also Monocrystalline Solar Panels have less thickness. This makes them much sleeker in design and dimension. They can easily be used in most applications where solar panels need to be installed.


So if you need to install the solar panel on devices that have a less or compact area, then monotypes are the best options. Being sleeker, they can easily be installed in most areas that are compact in design.


Easy to manufacture


Another major advantage of monotype panels is that they are easy to manufacture. Multiple layers are not needed to produce. A single bar of silicone sheet is produced. Later on, each bar is cut down as a single wafer of silicone sheet.


This also offers free electrons more space to move around and conduct electricity. Most free electrons can conduct electricity when in contact with solar power.


Price-wise also, monocrystalline panels are much cheaper as compared to polycrystalline types.


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