Adventures of Chris: New 2D ’90s Style Game Announced for Switch

Graffiti Games along with Guin Entertainment announced a ‘90s style 2D platformer. It will be available on Nintendo Switch as well as PC.

It is aimed at the fans of ‘90s style gaming, and the graphics are inspired by the hand-drawn look of cartoons from that time. And it is the story everyone loves to root for, the story of the underdog. The game is a worldwide journey full of whacky villains against an underdog kid with superpowers.

Adventures of Chris Keyart

The animation style is all 90s, and the game combines the good old silly and funny. It is a basic 2D platformer that gives you the same vibe of the stuff that ’90s was made of. It takes place in 1995, which was the year when classics like Rugrats, X-Men franchise, The Magic School Bus, among others.

A Trailer Showed the First Glimpse to Fans

The lead character, little big kid Chris, is kidnapped, mocked, and even changed into a balloon, but through trick and trial comes out of the hands of terror to start a global adventure. His powers include fireballs and love for cookies. His mission is to conquer the forces of evil to save the children of the world. But the deadline is dessert time. So, it needs to be done fast. The world is in the grasp of weird ninja-cats and Rambo -style penguins, and Chris has to come to the rescue. This game is fast, funny, and everything ’90s.

Adventures of Chris New 2D ’90s Style Game Announced for Switch

They’ve put different levels of difficulty in the game, called names such as, “Ridiculously Easy” and “Hard for No Reason”. And in the beginning, Chris isn’t precisely the superhero we all want to be. Thus, the underdog term. So, the players have to develop him over time to become the superhero that we all want to be, which forms the basic storyline of the game.

You Can Develop Chris Overtime!

As per the developers, Chris can be upgraded to gain strength and powers. He might not need the inhaler ever so often as the game progresses. You can learn new fighting techniques and go over the world, stopping at nine locations. There are other additional game modes, commentary by the developer, and a whole backstory included for you to dig deep in this brave world with many secrets to find.

You can find Adventures of Chris on Nintendo Switch and PC very soon.

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