Pharmacy Prescription Bags

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags is an outstanding tactics to reach consumers with their mind in healthcare

How does it work?

Your logo and message are printed on pharmacy prescription bags and distributed to the pharmacy you selected. The consumer will literally touch your message and eventually bring it to their home. Advertising on Pharmacy Bags creates additional exposure to other viewers since sometimes the consumers place the bags on their table.


The target audience immediately connects with your message as they are with their mind in their health while picking up their prescription. This provides an enhanced assimilation of your message.

The bags are handled by healthcare professionals from reputable pharmacy chains providing an exceptional exposure to your brand.

An unique bag provides on average 15 min of exposure and extended views when the patient takes the bag home. Each pharmacy distributes on average 5,000 prescriptions bags/month, this generates an estimated 1.5M of impressions.


New location/opening of healthcare business: place your pharmacy bags advertising in strategic addresses to make the local community aware of the new location of your healthcare business

Awareness programs: make the audience aware of healthcare campaigns during specific seasons e.g. flu season.

Healthy nutrition: ideal for food and beverage industry to promote their healthy product line.

Pharma and Biotech: promote your brand or new medicine targeting specific demographic profile

Sports, Wellness and Fitness centers: leverage prescription bags to promote your wellness center

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