Affordable Teacher Lesson Plans Your Students Will Enjoy

When students are engaged, they are actively learning. For this reason, teachers need to select resources that encourage learning by seeing, hearing, and doing. If you’re searching for a lesson plan template for the Australian curriculum or teacher lesson plans to improve literacy and numeracy skills, visit the Resources for Teaching website. They have a helpful collection of materials that are easily accessible via any electronic device and have been tested in many classrooms worldwide.

Here is an engaging lesson plan for teachers that includes all the materials required for activities within the lesson, so you don’t need to spend any time preparing before class: –

Adjectives Lesson Plan for Year 1 & 2 Students:


This lesson plan allows students to practice using adjectives in their sentences to describe nouns. Students will explore different types of adjectives to describe feelings, numbers, colour, size, quality, and shape. We have included the printable materials required to teach effortlessly, including some flashcards and an assessment worksheet to check your student’s understanding at the completion of the lesson. This is wonderful for classroom teachers and relief teachers who need to pull together a quick English lesson that will teach students about using adjectives to improve their speaking and writing abilities.

If you plan on tutoring throughout the school year and need some resources to help keep yourself organised, here is a great resource that can help-

Useful Templates for Tutoring:


If you need some help maintaining organisation during your private lessons, these 14 templates for tutoring are exactly what you need! These printables are designed to be a quick and easy way to prepare yourself prior to sessions and to jot down activities and notes during a tutoring lesson for easy communication with the parents about what their children have been working on and how they are progressing. Keep track of your schedule throughout the week and payments for your tutoring.

For more useful educational materials, visit the Resources for Teaching website. Their library has a fantastic collection of worksheets, lessons and activities for all subjects! If you are looking for a lesson plan template for the Australian curriculum or a lesson plan for teachers, they have plenty more options available on their website

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