AFK Arena is an amazing RPG game wherein you have to kill a lot of enemies. You can create a personalized team and fight against an ancient evil. Want to excel AFK Arena? In this blog, we will guide you through the different tips and tricks that will help you master AFK Arena.

  • Make Friends

Friends play a vital role in the game. If you have friends, then you can use up to 5 heroes of your friends’ roster as mercenaries when it comes to Bounty Quests and Union. You can have a total of thirty friends. Players can also send the same number of Companion Points in a day, and get twenty Companion Points from their friends in a day.

  • Collect Rewards

Rewards keep getting piled up, even when the user is inactive. Hence, you should collect the AFK rewards since they come handy. To collect your rewards, just go to the Campaign menu and tap on the Chest. These rewards can just pile up for up to twelve hours. When this duration expires, players will not earn more rewards. Hence, it is better to hit the Collect button on a regular basis.

  • Check your Bag

It is important to see what items are in your bag. Good items keep getting collected in the bag. Amongst all the items that might be in your bag, the most vital one is the hourglass. It will buy you a couple of hours of gold. However, you should be patient while using the hourglass. The longer you wait, the more gold will you win. To optimize your gains, just use the hourglass when you are hard stuck at any stage.

  • Control your skills

Even though the game boasts a robust auto-battle mode, the AI is not as intelligent and sometimes fails to use the character’s spells in an optimum manner. Hence, to keep on winning, you should turn off auto-battle and control your character. When you are controlling your skills on your own, then you can respond to the circumstances in the best manner and make decisions which might get messed up by the AI.

  • Go for Upgrades

All the units in AFK Arena have their own purpose. Even though some heroes are weak and some are strong, a majority of units can grow sufficiently to bag a spot on each team. For ascending a hero, you will have to make sacrifices. It is better to ascend characters, instead of replacing one.

  • Retire Common Heroes

The green heroes are not very strong and essentially serve no purpose. Retire these heroes, and you will get rewarded with the hero’s essence. This can be utilized to level up heroes. In case you have limited heroes, then the common ones can be used as bounties.

  • Purchase Epic Soulstones

Once you retire a hero, you will get Hero Coins. You can spend these coins by going to the Barracks store. Make sure that you have saved sufficient coins to get the Epic Soulstones.

  • Restart from Scratch

In the AFK Arena game, you should not hesitate to start again from scratch. When you get started, the heroes will not be very good. In this case, just restart the game. In case you want to get a specific character, then you can restart as well.

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