African American braided wigs – A trend that will make your head

Nowadays, African American braided wigs are in the trend. They are made with high quality human hair, these wigs, which could be freely considered as “lace wigs”, have as their great differential the realistic appearance, very similar to natural hair, in addition to having an internal finish with a cap. very thin, with threads sewn manually.

One of the main uses of Knotless braided wigs is to serve people who are in hair transition, a period especially complicated for those who have curly or frizzy hair. Those who stop straightening their strands face two difficult options: either live with two textures, or submit to big chop, the cut in addition to the chemistry of the highlights.

But living with natural hair during the transition is not always an easy task. Therefore, those who are in this situation usually invest in straightening with a brush or hairstyles, such as Bantu knot wigs, that braid that combines synthetic fiber and natural fiber, imitating long and braided hair. In this scenario, lace wigs appear to make it easier.

But not only hair transition live lace wigs. They also allow for visual changes that can change your final look beautifully and naturally. Plus, it can be easily reversed. The laces also arrived to rehabilitate an important accessory that was half forgotten: the wigs.

Thus, there are several types of lace, such as front lace, full lace, natural yarn and organic fiber. The Lace Front Wig, for example, has the lace (the fabric base) only on the front of the head.

The placement of a face wig is also extremely simple: just choose your preferred model and prepare it (comb or straighten the curls if necessary). Then tie your hair close to the head and place the lace. Once in place, you can arrange your hair again to make it look more natural.

How long can the Human Hair Wig stay on the head?

At, our wig does not require the use of glue or adhesive to fix the wig. The best part is that there is no need to shave your hair to use hair extensions (wigs). You will use it with your hair or without. This means that you can wear our human hair wig as long as you like without harming your hair growth after the treatment.

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