African Fashion

Who knows where you would be if you were not born in Africa? Everyone is born in Africa but to some it is a place that they would have to go back to for the rest of their lives. So, no one can say that anyone born in Africa would not have African heritage. Well, there are various forms of African heritage that can be traced.

When it comes to African fashion, an African girl looks different from an African boy. She must make sure that she adorns herself properly. A proper fitting and well fitted outfit is one of the African style rules. An outfit should also be fitting properly so that the wearer is comfortable with it. No, one would want to take off or change their clothes in order to get a better fit.

If a girl is interested in fashion, she will have to choose the right attire. Her outfit should be something that suits her skin color and complexion and thus be well designed and suit the part that she is wearing.

There is a saying that goes ‘one should always be able to find the right size’. Since this is the African fashion rule, a girl must find the right size. If she cannot find the right size, then it is advised that she should wear loose fitting clothes that will give her more freedom to move around.

However, the right fit does not mean that the right size. If a girl has a smaller body, it is recommended that she should wear clothes that are stretchable. If she wants to look slim and have a sleek figure, she must use the stretchable material. Anything too tight can have a bad effect on her figure.

She can also use the elastic material when she is going out for a night party. The elastic material should be loose enough to let the sun’s rays to come into the room and be able to warm up the room. This would make the temperature to rise, making it cooler in the morning.

The clothes should also be colorful and elegant. The clothes that are made from cotton or linen can be worn by all. It is also advised that they should be worn when the weather is very hot because they do not absorb sweat. This way, the skin would be exposed to more sunlight, which is beneficial for good health.

The African girls also have to keep the dust away from their clothes. This is because they have to live in places where the air is humid and dusty. The girls should make sure that the dust does not enter their clothes as much as possible.

Some parts of Africa are very far away from cities and there is no access to air conditioning. This is why they have to wear light clothing and clothes that are in cotton and linen. These fabrics absorb the moisture, which can make the skin dry when they get wet.

They must also make sure that they have cotton socks with them. The socks should be made from the wool or cotton fibers. The socks must also be kept dry and clean. They must also be checked frequently as they are prone to dandruff or pimples.

The food items that are served should be organic. It is because the African girls are always conscious about what they eat. They should be fed with local produce.

Women should use the African perfume to smell good. It is advisable that they should use the perfume that is very costly so that the money can be saved when they spend it on other things.

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