After 30 or so years, people are still bragging

Let me explain it in this way. In 1969 as I was in the first grade , growing up in Madden 22 coins rural Alabama during winter it was in thirty-six degrees outside. And I was required to attend school without shoes. There were no shoes. I’m not saying this for empathy or as a sob story. But I can remember my brother standing a block away from my house. I’m at the front door. Our sister was a short distance from him,. the other one was waiting at the stop for buses. My sister who was at the bus stop noticed that the bus was on top only a couple of block away she’d shout at my sister. She would shout to my brother, and my brother would yell to me. I would then walk to the exit barefoot. By the time my brother was able to reach my sister’s house I’d probably caught him by the time he reached me. The moment we got to the bus stop, I’m about 15 yards from my sister and brother. I went to school barefoot in the winter of 1969 until growing up and sporting my own sneaker that was inspired by me … It was blessed.

After 30 or so years, people are still bragging about that shoe and collect that shoe. Just a few weeks ago, a close friend to me, Anthony Anderson, the comedian, he texts me: ‘Hey, Bo! I’m doing a show about all my sneakers. I’m having trouble finding the Air trainers you have. I need a pair of your shoes It just that I found the shoes within my work space. I thought to myself, ‘Hey! I have one here. I’ll be able to send them to you. It’s the moments like that where I sit back and say, ‘Wow!.’

It was during the NFL year, New York Giants running back Nike athletics player Saquon Barkley was gifted his own variant of the Air Trainer 3. What did it feel like have him pay homage you by wearing the sneakers?

I presented him with the shoes. It was like telling him”Grasshopper! It’s your time now to carry this torch. It’s up to you to carry it well. I am sure that Saquon will do a great job at that. Saquon is a great kid. He reminds me a bit of me. Runs with power and has his head in the right direction. That’s what impressed me the most. The thing that impresses me is not his numbers. I love the way he conducts himself.

There will always be one Bo Jackson. But when you reflect upon all the NFL running backs who have been after you, which ones remind you most of yourself?

I can only come up with two examples — Saquon and Derrick Henry — on the brute strength, power and ability to maneuver throughout the field as well as defend. They don’t necessarily have the speed I had. But they have succeeded in making it work for them. They’re extremely successful in what they do. This is why they’re considered to be among the best running backs in the game at the moment.

In the course of your professional career, what’s the most buy Madden nfl 22 coins memorable performance you’ve played that you think could have come from video games?

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