After a two-year fight, Eric Garcetti has been named the US representative to India

Two years after first being named for the position as the new ambassador to India, the US government has selected former Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti to the position.

The US president proposed Mr. Garcetti, a close supporter of Joe Biden, for the position in 2021.

Nevertheless, amid claims that he had disregarded complaints of sexual harassment against an assistant while serving as mayor, his appointment was delayed.

Any impropriety is refuted by Mr. Garcetti.

Fox news by a vote of 52-42 on Wednesday, the Senate approved the appointment of the 52-year-old, despite some Democrats’ doubts and votes against him.

Despite the fact that the US and India have close security and trade relations, there hasn’t been an ambassador from the US to India since January 2021.

According to analysts, Mr. Biden is anxious to strengthen ties with India, a significant commercial partner, as Washington strives to counter the growing influence of its neighbor China in the area.

The nomination of Mr. Garcetti also occurs at a time when Russia has grown to be a significant source of friction between Delhi and Washington. The US is annoyed by India’s neutral posture regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Delhi has spoken about the significance of “the UN Charter, international law, and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states” without openly condemning the conflict.

India continues to import significant amounts of crude oil from Russia despite restrictions in the US and several regions of Europe. India is also the largest market for Russian military hardware.

After a test vote on Wednesday, Senator Charles Schumer declared that the relationship between the United States and India was crucial. “It’s great that we have an ambassador today.”

Mr. Garcetti, a Columbia University graduate, spent 12 years as an officer in the US Navy before entering politics.

He was elected as LA’s first Jewish mayor in 2013, becoming the city’s youngest mayor in 100 years. Until 2022, he was in that position.

Mr. Garcetti, a personal friend of Mr. Biden, co-chaired his 2020 campaign for president after he decided not to run.

He was prepared for his function as a diplomat when Mr. Biden proposed him for the post of ambassador to India in July 2021.

But, a Senate investigation last year claimed that he had disregarded allegations of sexual harassment against Rick Jacobs, one of his trusted advisors.

The study stated that Mayor Garcetti was “more likely than not either personally aware of the sexual harassment or should have been aware of it” and highlighted “many credible claims from several whistle-blowers” of Mr. Jacobs’ wrongdoing.

The White House and Mr. Garcetti repeatedly refuted the accusations, and Mr. Biden renominated him for the position in July.

Following his victory in the trust vote on Wednesday, Mr. Garcetti said to the New York Times that he had never thought about dropping out of the race.

He continued, “I checked in with the president, and he was 100% behind me.

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