After Witcher and Castlevania, Netflix is Going for Splinter Cell as Next Video Game Adaptation

Source: After Witcher and Castlevania, Netflix is Going for Splinter Cell as Next Video Game Adaptation

Although 2020 might not have been a good year for most people. It has definitely been a great year for Netflix so far. It has been able to enjoy unparalleled success. As most people have been home lately, the subscriptions have skyrocketed. It has added 10 million new subscribers this year so far, and there are four months still to go. Once a monopoly in the streaming business a decade ago, Netflix still dominates the global OTT market with its millions of subscribers.

Starting off as just a distributor now Netflix even produces its own movies and tv shows. Recently they have started making TV show adaptations of successful video games as well. Castlevania is one such example and although The Witcher was based on a series of fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski.  But, its rise to prominence has been made possible in a great part because of the game as well. It has been made public that the show was watched by 76 million people in January.

Netflix’s idea of adapting popular video games to TV shows has paid off really well. Keeping this in mind, Netflix has recently announced the animated adaptation of Splinter Cell series. Netflix will work with Ubisoft on this project as it is going to be the first time that these two giants are working together.

As far as details of the show are concerned, there is not much in the open as of now. But what is certain is that Netflix has signed up for 16 episodes which will span over two seasons. If the video game is any clue, then we can expect an action thriller in which the protagonist Sam Fisher who is a Navy Seal, will work for the NSA on different missions.

Both co-CEOs of Netflix, Reed Hastings and Ted Sanders have acknowledged the importance of video games as an inspiration for future shows and movies. They see video games as much as an important source of inspiration as comics, graphic novels and books. This is an interesting approach. The co-CEOs are only looking for sources of successful worldbuilding indiscriminately. It is this open-minded pursuit of ideas that has made a world of difference for Netflix.

With the latest addition of Splinter cells, Netflix has made it clear that we can expect to see more video games adaptations by the streaming giant. It will be intriguing to see how successful they are with this latest video game adaptation. Will it be as successful as Castelvania and The Witcher? Only time will tell. For now, Netflix and its effort to woo gaming fans are very successful. The people who love Splinter Cells are surely in for a treat.

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