Aged Caretaker – Why It’s A Rewarding Career and What the Caretaker Does


When you think of an aged caretaker, you may imagine someone who spends their days in a nursing home, caring for the elderly in their community and providing them with food, water, and basic medical assistance. But what does an aged caretaker do? Why is it such a rewarding career? What kind of person becomes an aged caretaker? Aged caretakers typically work in nursing homes and other institutions that serve the elderly or chronically ill populations. There are plenty of things to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to take aged care course , this job would be right for you. So let’s discuss what the job entails and why it’s such an important role in society today.

The Role of the Caretaker

When someone enters the later stages of their life, it can be hard for them to live independently or with minimal help. Aged caretakers are professionals who specialise in providing necessary assistance such as general care and support, medical monitoring, meal preparation, grooming needs and more. In doing so, they enable people to have a better quality of life than they would otherwise. However, an aged caretaker must be well qualified to take up the job and aged care course online is a good option if you’re considering becoming a caretaker for the elderly.

What Does A Typical Day Involve For The Aged Care Worker?

For a typical day, an aged care worker may visit an elderly person to check in on them, eat breakfast with them, and help with chores or daily activities that they’re unable to do themselves. They might also spend time playing board games, reading books, watching TV or just taking some much needed company.

An aged care worker might work 12 hours per day in shifts (six hours of work, six hours off), or they might be at their assigned location all day but break up their workload into hourly increments.

How Much Does An Aged Care Worker Earn In Australia?

Care workers with more experience may earn up to AU$40,000 per year. However, this number is subject to change depending on the level of care required for individual clients. For example, if you work in an aged care facility that only needs someone at night time then you can be paid around AU$20 per hour (depending on qualifications). Some aged care facilities will pay their employees a salary as well as an hourly rate. You’ll also receive benefits such as annual leave and superannuation from the government, which is used to fund your retirement.

Key Responsibilities of the Aged Care Worker

An aged care worker spends their days attending to those in need. They assist the residents with their physical, psychological, and social needs. This includes helping with daily tasks like eating or bathing as well as providing assistance with health issues such as medication reminders.

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