Ageing Pipe Tobacco: What You Need To Know

It’s well-known that ageing or cellaring boosts the quality of some products, including whiskey, wine, and tobacco. For instance, people have come to realise, over the years, that when tobaccos are stored properly, the aroma and flavor of their blends are perfectly harmonized, offering smokers something fresh and special to relish. As people say, As people say, “Ageing brings uniformity to pipe tobacco blends”.

In addition, some people see the tobacco ageing process as a form of financial investment. Sometimes, sellers buy limited edition tobaccos in the hope of a future cash out for more profits. For others, ageing their pipe tobacco to enjoy later is a form of delayed gratification. Whichever reason’s relevant to you, it’s advisable that you cellar and age your tobacco properly. Here are some important things you need to know to undertake the ageing process perfectly:

Experiment a Little

Varieties of tobacco react in different ways to the ageing process. For example, the Virginia variety improves in flavour with age, while Orientals and Latakia tobaccos mellow and lose their punch after a few years in the cellar.

It’s important to note that there are no hard and fast rules about ageing pipe tobacco – you can experiment with different varieties of tobacco and age them differently to see the results. Keep a note on each batch to see the best blends.

Control the Humidity and Temperature

Controlling the humidity and temperature of the cellar is crucial to the proper ageing of your pipe tobaccos. First, store the tobaccos in a place of low humidity, since high humidity will corrode the lid of the jar and break the seal, thus opening up your tobacco to air infiltration which can slow down the ageing process.

Also, store your tobacco blends under a 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature because too much heat spoils tobacco, while less of it slows the ageing process.

Store the Tobacco Blends in a Dark Cellar

Store your tobacco blends in a dark place with light blocked out, since exposure to light spoils tobacco. Use closed cardboard boxes to protect the tobacco and absorb humidity before it corrodes the metal jars.

Store in a Sealed Tin or a Closed Glass Jar

A sealed tin is the most ideal for ageing pipe tobaccos. However, if you’re cellaring bulk tobacco, use closed glass jars.

Create a Smoking Plan for Future Reference Purpose

For future reference, you should create a clear plan for smoking the precious tobacco. Fix specific times (in months or years) for opening your tobacco jars and as you try out the blends, take copious notes that’ll serve as future reference.

NOTE:- There are some things to avoid during the tobacco ageing process. Some of these include:

* Never store your tobacco in a humid place or with your backwoods cigars. Although cigars are as aromatic as pipe tobacco, you would want your tobacco to keep its distinctive taste, especially if you’re someone who prefers pipe tobacco to backwoods cigars or any other cigar brand. In the same vein, a humid place isn’t suitable for ageing tobacco; it will only slow down the process by increasing humidity.

* Don’t allow moisture into the cellar because it will cause mould growth on the tobacco.

* Don’t use a plastic container to store your tobacco as its constituent chemicals will erode the plastic which can then affect the tobacco’s flavour and longevity.

Bottom Line

Ageing pipe tobacco is an interesting aspect of the smoking hobby. Many of us are proud of our rich collections.

The research and work it takes to create a productive cellar of ageing tobaccos often seems daunting. Nonetheless, just as the collection of precious items is worth undertaking, there is always good reward for good work. In this case, you may sell your invaluable collection of aged tobaccos for cool cash or smoke them with friends. Whatever route you choose eventually, you’ll find that it’s a rewarding experience.

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