Ai-Beauty – A body contouring treatment:

Emsculpt London by ai-beauty ( is an innovative sculpting treatment that tones and lifts without using any surgery. This process is non-invasive completely. By reducing unwanted fat and building muscle at the same time, a patient who chooses this Emsculpt UK treatment can enjoy a noticeably more defined abdomen.

How long do the results last? 

Medical studies show that most patients maintain adequate muscle and fat levels even one year after treatment. But the truth is that it is recommended to request another consultation a few months after finishing the sessions to see if you can benefit from other treatments. Or if it is convenient to carry out a session after a few months. And don’t forget that leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to maintaining long-term results.

Where do you think the key to your success lies? 

In a minimally invasive way, it manages to reshape the abdomen, marking muscle, eliminating localized fat, and managing to define the desired six-pack. Various clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness through magnetic resonance imaging, CT, ultrasound, and tests. histological.

Who is this device specifically for? 

To patients who are not overweight, who are in good shape, but are unable to eliminate localized fat, either with diets or in the gym, and define muscle. The ideal patients are women or men who want to define and strengthen the muscles of the buttocks or abdomen quickly and safely without the need to exercise since 20,000 complete muscle contractions are achieved in one session. That is something that cannot be achieved by doing sports.

Does it replace sport? 

Specialists insist that we do not think that with this procedure we can put aside physical exercise. Once the result is achieved, the area that has been stimulated must be kept working, and thus continue to maintain the increase in muscle. It is necessary to continue working on it and maintaining it so as not to fall back into atrophy.

The message is that this system increases muscle mass but it is not a substitute for sport. Sport has a series of cardiovascular, metabolic, and psycho-emotional benefits that this system does not achieve.

What to do if there is considerable fat in the area to be treated or a lot of sagging skin? 

In the first case, it could be combined with procedures that reduce fat, these first, such as ultrasound or cryolipolysis and then Emsculpt UK. In the second case, it could even be combined in the same session, with radiofrequency.

If you are interested to go with this Emsculpt London treatment, do not hesitate to visit our site and get in touch with us at ai-beauty (


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