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Subcooled air conditioning is experts in all aspects of domestic, residential and commercial air conditioning. From simple bedroom single split type air conditioning to huge complex commercial VRF & VRV installations.

Air conditioning is considered the most efficient and effective way to heat and cool any space of any size all year round. Just set a comfortable temperature and let the system do its thing.

Our team of surveyors, designers and installation engineer’s can take any project from an idea through to a completely supplied, installed and commissioned system.

With the climate changing and summer’s becoming increasingly longer and hotter, heating systems need to offer more than just warmth.

All air conditioning system have the ability to heat and cool, giving you all year round climate control with no requirement for the use or installation of a fossil fuel supply.


At Subcooled air conditioning we pride ourselves in our ability to give our clients to the most efficient options for building heat recovery ventilation.

Heat recovery ventilation is the most effective and efficient way of extracting old air and supplying new air to a room or building.

By installing a heat recovery ventilation unit, the air being extracted, mixes with the new filtered air being supplied. This method can either increase or decrease the temperature of the filtered supply air.

Heat recovery ventilation can also be integrated with your building heating or climate control system.

Our specialist heat recovery team can survey, design, supply, install, maintain and repair all makes and models to suit your requirements and budget. Visit here –

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