Air Purifying Indoor Plants

We at Ecohindu believe that everyone deserves to get a product that is their money’s worth and is in its own way a masterpiece. Which is why we are bringing you our “made to order” customized products to you. Air Purifying Indoor Plants

Our idols are created from craftsmen who have exclusively been artist since years, their experience is so renowned that their art has been seen all over the globe. Their art combined with our research has lead to us creating a revolution with artistic “God Idols”. We have decided to go one step further and not only to cater to temples but to also avail our art to your homes. Our 300 units are spread across the India, each location being chose strategically in order to create accurate art based on the region of the Idol’s origin. Indoor House Plants

Our idols are solid Idols made in pure metals like Bronze, brass, panchloha, copper and silver. We take extreme care and utmost effort to professionally pack our idol to assure no damage is caused during the shipping process. Our aim is to provide you Idols of premium quality that reaches your door step safe and sound.

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