Airdrop Advertising Management and promotion

An Airdrop is known as a promotional activity. This activity is normally used by the blockchain-based start-up to assist bootstrap a virtual organization project. The Airdrop promotion is used to spread awareness about the crypto currency venture to gain more individuals trading in it when it lists on an exchange as an ICO (initial coin offering). Airdrops are normally promoted on the organization’s site.

Airdrop advertising, management, and promotion increase the awareness and ownership of currency start-ups. An airdrop assists you to stand out from the competition. For this, you require a professional and experienced marketing agency. (Crypto Marketing & PR) is here for you to launch Airdrop from scratch and boost your business. Get professional Airdrop advertising from (Crypto Marketing & PR). We are offering an end-to-end promotion with bot creation, airdrop economy creation, support, and interesting tasks while ensuring a guarantee to bring up to 100 000 airdrop users.

Why (Crypto Marketing & PR) for Airdrop advertising, management, and promotion: (Crypto marketing & PR) has expertise in Airdrop management, advertising, and promotion. At (Crypto Marketing & PR), we offer the following;

  • We offer Airdrop promotion at 30 different websites
  • Smart airdrop activities creation
  • Airdrop management
  • Token economy analysis
  • Telegram bot developing
  • Support within airdrop campaign
  • Web integration via API

We will assist you to boost airdrop participants. The main advantage of our service is that you will get 3 to 4 times more airdrop participants than the unique number. For instance, one user will join your Facebook/Twitter/telegram chat or channel and you will get four new subscribers total but you pay for one user only.

You can use any plan to get unique airdrop participants. Our plans are the following:

Plan 1: Get 20,000 unique airdrop participants at 2500 USD

Plan 2: Get 50,000 unique airdrop participant at 5000 USD

Plan 3 Get 1,00,000 unique airdrop participants at 8000 USD



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