Al Maya Group- Successfully Running its Clothing Business in UAE

Running a clothing or apparel business in a highly competitive and globalized market is not easy, particularly over the last decade. This has become even more pronounced with the onset of competition. Take the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for instance; this has become one of the most competitive and profitable markets for global clothing and apparel brands who wish to carve a niche here. Naturally, the appeal of the UAE as a major global base for expansion is irresistible for any global fashion retailer or brand. This is because of the strategic location of the UAE and its highly cosmopolitan, evolved and high-spending population which has already got used to the latest and biggest global fashion trends. Buyers here desire nothing but the best when it comes to their purchases in the fashion and clothing domain.

As a result, any of the best clothing brands in Dubai will have to be right up its alley with regard to dishing out immaculately crafted clothing across multiple categories. From trending and the latest design styles and cuts to comfortable and impeccable materials while meeting all other industry regulations, the best clothing brands for women and men will have to innovate, experiment and break fashion boundaries while going ahead towards promoting their products as well. The Al Maya Group, one of the UAE’s largest business conglomerates has been considerably successful in scaling up its retail and clothing business by leaps and bounds. Al Maya Group has highly prestigious partnerships for distribution with suitably established and major apparel brands covering all segments from intimates and fashion-ware to sportswear as well. Some of its leading brands in this space include Levis, Dollar, Byford and Fruit & Loom among other big names.

UPF is its other successful fashion business, being one of the Middle East’s biggest and most successful wholesalers of clothing and other fashion. This subsidiary of the Al Maya Group offers impeccably crafted clothing for men, children and women. It supplies this clothing to all leading hypermarkets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well. Affordable yet fashionable, these apparel lines are crafted with stringent emphasis on quality control.

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