Alcohol Detox and Rehab Programs: What to Know

Admitting that you are an alcoholic is scary. But it can’t beat the uncertainty and the scare of committing to a detox center. 

The reason is, you don’t know what to expect. Apart from that, the worry of putting things like your job and family obligations on hold can be overwhelming.

But then, your health and your family’s peace should be enough reason to detox. Bet, you’ll stop worrying if you learn about the rehab programs beforehand, right? 

What You Need To Know About Alcohol Detox And Rehab Programs 

  1. Starting point- Detox

Getting through detox requires willpower and commitment. And to show the willingness, you need to put a stop to drinking.

For this reason, most treatment centers demand that you detox from home before starting treatment. However, treatment centers in Arizona feature detox programs for their patients in their facilities.

Therefore, you can relax and know that you’ll have a watchful eye and helpful hand in Arizona when withdrawals get crazy.

  1. Facilities

Who said that rehab centers have to look like military camps? Just so you know, treatment centers in Arizona have different physical facilities.

Meaning, you can go to stations that have faith-based, camp-type, luxurious, or standard facilities. They all work for the same goal-to get you sober!

  1. Education

Before starting treatment, the professionals ensure that you understand why you are there. They first assess your addiction and discuss with you the severity of the situation.

Most importantly, they ensure that you change your perspective about alcohol abuse. The reason is, most users experience denial about the damage that alcohol brought them.

  1. Treatment, Counseling, And Therapy

It is crucial to confirm with the professionals about the available services. By doing so, you will be able to know the programs to expect.

For instance, there are individual counseling sessions with single counselors. In other cases, you can participate in group counseling sessions. Group sessions are a relief because you come to know that you are not alone in this.

  1. Family Meetings

Unfortunately, excessive drinking impacts your family, as well. For this reason, most programs include family members in your treatment journey.

And since they are your armor during healing, they’ll know how to impact your recovery. For instance, they discover ways to facilitate and encourage healing. 

Apart from that, they receive counseling against the emotional damage you might have caused them.

  1. Aftercare Planning

You are at liberty to return home after completing the program. However, most individuals and family members dread this part the most.

It is usually because of the uncertainty that awaits. For instance, will your family be more accepting? Will you relapse?

Good for you, you’ll have someone to take you through this step. And since your counselor knows you well by now, the detox program sets them for your aftercare treatment.

The services include regular follow-ups, outpatient treatments, and support.


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