Sailboat rent Greece – This guide will help you!

If you are Sailboat rent Greece or planning for, the following questions and answers will surely be helpful to you.

Do I have to cook or do other services?

In most sailboats, there is no kitchen and hostess service but you can request it as an extra. Therefore it is good that everyone cares about others, for example, those who cook for example usually do it for all the participants and try to do it in rotation.

Is it true that it’s easy to argue on the boat?

A cruising catamaran has abundant spaces and distant cabins, so privacy is widely respected; the crew knows how to keep away discreetly, but tries to satisfy the needs of all guests.

Is boat life very tiring?

Many think that life on a sailboat is very tiring: they watched too much television but gone are the days. Today, the Catamaran charter Greece is now equipped with all the current domestic comforts, solar panels, air conditioning, hot water, oven, freezer, dishwasher, domestic kitchens, TV, internet, a stereo system, DVD. The most tiring activities on board.

Is the boat suitable for children?

Yes, the Luxury yacht charter is very suitable and very educational for children and young people. The catamarans are the ideal as without the heeling they do not oblige the guests to sit in the navigation or remain attached to the handrails of the boat to avoid falling into the sea. However, with children on board, it is necessary to plan the holiday according to their needs and times.

What do you do if the weather is bad?

While you are Sailing yacht charter, the unfavorable weather is announced well in advance and there will be no surprises for the experienced skipper, who will take care of managing the routes according to the state of the sea, the strength of the wind and its evolution based on the latest weather forecasts.

If it is cloudy or promises rain but the sea is good, it usually starts anyway, unless otherwise agreed with the crew. The programming is however done on the spot with all the crew present.

Can you sleep while sailing? Does the boat stop at night?

During Nautical charts Greece, it is possible to retire to the cabin and sleep or rest lulled by the waves. At night we stop at anchor in protected bays or moor in ports. In the harbor, you can experience the sea in all its essence.

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