The choice of the pool pump: variable speed or single speed

When it comes to equipping your pool you can choose between installing a traditional and variable speed pump or the new generation of variable speed pumps.

Each of these options involves a different initial investment, but taking into account the use that will be given to them, the difference in electricity consumption is very significant. It all depends on your priorities.

The Pentair superflo pump is responsible for the suction and discharge of water. It sucks the water from the pool through the skimmers and the main sump and sends it to the filter where it is purified and then driven back to the pool through the drive nozzles. The impurities are trapped by the filter bed (sand, crushed glass, diatoms or cellulose cartridge).

Variable speed pumps – What is the difference and how are they used?

A classic pump operates at a linear speed, which means that, regardless of the level of cleanliness of the water or how much you use your pool, the energy expenditure will always be the same, with a constant high level of noise.

Variable speed pumps like Pentair variable speed pump are equipped with a permanent magnetic motor and can operate in a wide variety of speeds to adapt to the specific needs of your pool.

For example:

• For a backwash, you will choose a high speed,
• For a swimming pool without bathers and with clean water will use the minimum speed,
• A higher speed will be used for intensive use of the pool or during hot periods,
• If you use a hydraulic cleaner robot, you will use the appropriate speed for the operation of the cleaning equipment, etc.

Long term savings, optimized comfort:

The choice of a variable speed pump such as Hayward ecostar pump means making a superior initial investment, but it also means thinking of the long-term system as a daily comfort. The main advantages are:

Energy savings and respectful with the environment:

By reducing the speed of the pump, the energy consumption will decrease considerably. Even when the filtration time is extended, the power required to operate the system is much lower.

Silent operation:

By turning more slowly, the variable speed pump is also much quieter compared to the traditional pump. This advantage is even more important if the pump is installed near a house.

Best filtration:

The slow circulation of the water in the filter also improves the quality of the filtration, since it is more likely that the contaminants are trapped in the filter, taking longer to get clogged, which means that you can wait longer between backwashing, also of limiting the use of chemicals.

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