Alert RPO plays are slightly different from Peek

If that defender hangs back though, you should run the ball as there should be more of an opening to find a running lane Madden 23 Coins. In any case, if you decide to hand the ball off, press X on PS4 or A on Xbox One quickly after snapping to run the ball if that’s what you decide to do. Otherwise, press the button of the receiver you want to pass it to.

Alert RPO plays are slightly different from Peek, but they have a similar effect. Alert RPO plays will automatically hand the ball off if you don’t make a choice quick enough. So in a sense, they are a little easier to run.However, you have less flexibility in waiting for a pass to develop. You have to in a split second decide if you’re going to let the hand off animation go off, or pass the ball right away.

So if you want to hand the ball off, just do nothing, or if you see an open pass lane for your receiver, quickly hit the button of the person you want to throw it to.

The Read RPO is arguably the most complex of the three types of RPO plays in Madden 23. but you also have the most options. Read RPOs functionally similarly to Peek RPO, except you also have the option of running the ball with the QB.

Again, you need see what the defender is doing and essentially in a split-second if it’s best that you run with the RB along their planned path Buy Mut 23 Coins, pass the football or take the ball in a completely different direction with your QB.

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