All About Commercial Door Locks

Commercial door locks are used in places where large numbers of people need to enter and leave doors without the use of keys. They can also be installed in high-security areas.

These locks are used to prevent people from being able to enter an enclosed space, like a room with office equipment or a utility closet, without authorization. Commercial lock systems typically include an access control device that uses PINs or RFID cards for individual identification of each person and/or vehicle that is attempting entry. These types of locks often require more advanced installation processes than traditional deadbolt locks – so you will need the help of a professional for installation.

Here we will discuss some of the common types of commercial door locks, as well as some of the benefits of using them on your property.

The Latchbolt/Tailbolt Lock: Typically used in applications where there is not an extensive amount of traffic or security concerns. They are easy to install and use less energy than other commercial door locks. You can get these at most hardware stores, and you can even install them yourself if you have a little mechanical ability. These are offered in a variety of different finishes and configurations (different numbers of pins and/or tail bolts). Latch bolts strike one or two pins on the strike side while tail bolts strike two or three pins. They are commonly used in offices, schools, hotels, and other similar facilities.

The Deadbolt Lock: This is the most common commercial door lock that is used in both residential and commercial buildings. Deadbolts are available in a wide variety of configurations and finishes to accommodate various environments. They are not recommended for high-security applications because they can be defeated by picking and prying. Deadbolts strike one or two pins on the strike side while tail bolts strike two or three pins (depending on model). Some deadbolt systems offer additional features like a locking bar that offers increased resistance to prying attacks. They are commonly used in offices, schools, hotels, apartments, restaurants, retail stores, and similar facilities.

The Cam Latch: Also referred to as a lever lock, this is the most common lock found in homes. It is generally used only on entry doors due to the additional expense and installation requirements. This locking system uses pins that align with holes in the horizontal edge of the door (where the doorknob or lever is installed). When you pull on the doorknob or lever it pushes up on a bolt that forces an internal cam against a strike plate located at the bottom corner of the door frame. The cam provides additional resistance to forced entry from cracking or prying attacks. You can purchase these in a number of configurations and finishes (including deadbolt models) – check your local hardware store for more information. The Cam Latch is suitable for residential use only.

The Keyed Lock: This is a very low-tech lock that uses a set of metal keys but no combination. It uses an asymmetrical keyhole on the door that changes position when you insert the key and turn it from side to side. The position of the keyhole changes as you turn the key for locking or unlocking purposes. It offers security without complexity, and it’s easy to use. People can have their keys copied but that does not mean they can duplicate their keyed locks – especially if they are of varying lengths (which is typical). You can get these locks online at Park Avenue Locks.

The Biometric Lock: Biometrics is the use of technology to measure and capture biological data, such as fingerprints or retina scans, from a user. This can be used for access control purposes. In order to make sure that users are authorized based on a combination of biological characteristics and behavioral patterns (when compared with a stored template), fingerprint scanners are the most common biometric technology security systems used in commercial doors systems today. Biometric technology is not new but its recent popularity is resulting in increased acceptance of this technology for use in commercial applications.

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