All about developing a e-commerce app like Woot – Benefits included

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Over the formative years, technology has revolutionized various sectors especially the e-commerce sector. Right from choosing products to making payments, online shopping apps have redefined the shopping experience. With thousands of these apps sprouting up, the market competition also continues to grow. The need for businesses to stay unique has arised.

While considering deployment of any business, uniqueness and quality of services are more important. Offer a huge collection of products and at the same time offer a promising quality. In the long run, the quality of your service will matter the most.

With this we shall dive into the Woot clone app development. At Appdupe, we have several e-commerce applications and one among them is our eminent Woot clone. The app is the perfect deal for your e-commerce business.

Stunning features of Woot clone app

Social media log in – Lets customers sign up for the app using their social media accounts.

Categories – The category section makes it easy for you to list products of various categories.

Schedule orders – Customers are free to decide the date in which they want to receive their orders. They can just schedule the date and will get the parcel on the prescribed date.

Promotional codes – The app is integrated with promotional codes generator which you can use to offer different promotions to customers.

Push notifications – Through push notifications, you can send real-time updates to customers regarding their orders.

If you think what are the benefits you can takeaway with our app solution, then here is the list of advantages.

End to end customizable solution
Free white label solution
Prompt delivery
Product support


The e-commerce market is definitely competitive. Yet, you can overcome your rivalries by implementing a unique business model and by launching an app like Woot. All the best!

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