All about Io games

There is a big crease of io games in the youth. This is because these are the next level games also; today’s generation is finding it interested. Now lets first understand what it is.

Basically, it is a series of real time multiplayer game. They have their own domain which is ‘io’ it was the initially top domain for the code of British Indian Ocean Territory but now is popular for io games because of some of the big hits of io games.

The first io game that is was created by an Brazilian developer Mathews Valla dares in 2015.

According to an estimate, the game generates an average $100,000 worth per day.

Surprisingly there are over 492 io games in this world. So, if you are look for the best io games to play with your friends than we have a good list for you all. Check this out.

The most popular io games are



    It is an strategy game in which players are been given a sword to destroy all of their opponents around over there. They also have an interesting side of picking up the coloured blobs to strengthen your sword.


    It is the best game for long time game lovers. It is a game in which you have to defend your tower and need to build own base and defend it from zombies.


    It is also known as the father on all io games as it Is the first io game. It is a game in which the players need to play in a circle but of small size in an order of growing mas.

    Above is the list of three most popular .io games for multiplayer browser gaming?  Give them a try and I bet you will not regret.

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